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Couple Trying To Have Fourth Child Ends Up Having 9 Instead





Courtney and Eric Waldrop had three kids after being together for 22 years. The couple eventually decided to have their fourth child but much to their surprise, they had to welcome six new babies instead of one in their family.

It all happened in 2017 and when Courtney gave birth to six children, their small family of 5 instantly turned into 11. The sextuplet were born in December that year and now the couple stars in their own TLC docuseries entitled Sweet Home Sextuplets.

Courtney and Eric initially had 3 kids – Saylor, 9, and twins Wales and Bridge, 5.
Eventually, the family welcomed six babies: three boys and three girls namely Tag, Layke, Blue, Rivers, Rawlings and Rayne.
They were born in Alabama’s Huntsville Hospital and each of them weighed between 2 and 3 pounds.

According to the couple, life with 9 children all in all can be fun but challenging at the same time.

In an interview with Today, Eric shared:

“If you would have asked me the way I felt when I found out we were having six babies, I guess I just thought it was going to be an impossible situation. I’m not saying it’s not hard, but you just kind of adapt and make it work. It’s the new normal, how crazy it is, and I just jump right in after I come home from work and before you know it, it’s midnight.”

“We love every second of it but it is something, having to feed around the clock,” added Courtney. She also noted that she feels “extremely blessed” that the babies began sleeping through the night once they hit four months old. “[Eric and I] are getting a bit of sleep and we are able to survive off that.”

With their upcoming show, the couple hopes to inspire audiences with their own unique experiences.

Eric said:

“We want to show the world what God has done for us, and how much we’ve been blessed by this situation.”

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