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The Coolest-Looking Money in the World





Money has such a prominent position in people’s lives. We see it everyday — although so many people say that they don’t have enough. That said, not all bills and coins are created equal.

There are some currencies that look better than others. Of course, nobody really cares how money looks. It’s more important for money to be real.

However, there are some coins and bills that look too pretty to spend. Check out some of them.

British Pound Coin

A new 12-sided British pound coin entered circulation this year. It’s being tagged as “the most secure coin in the world.” It’s most awesome security feature is a hologram that changes from the pound symbol that changes to the number “1” when you look at it from different angles.

Comorian Franc

Comoros is a country located off the eastern coast of Africa. It’s situated right between Mozambique and Madagascar. Their cash reminds people of a charming painting.

Australian Dollar

See the raised tactile dots on Australia’s banknote? Those raised dots are there so that those who are visually impaired can easily know the value of the banknote. For those of us who can see, well the colors of the banknote certainly energizes us.

Canadian Dollar

The maple leaf on this bill is one of its most impressive security features. When you look through it using a single light source, you can see a ring of text that reflects its monetary value.

New Zealand Dollar

The International Bank Note Society tagged this as the “Banknote of the Year” in 2015. It is simply stunning.

Costa Rican Colon

Costa Rica capitalized on its wildlife with these bills. These banknotes can actually double as travel brochures.

Mongolian Tugrik

Mongolia’s currency doesn’t have anything fancy. However, it does have one tough symbol — Genghis Khan, whose reputation as a conqueror is legendary.

Israeli Shekel

Israel’s banknotes are minimalist and elegant.

Icelandic Krona


You can’t mistake Iceland’s banknotes for any other bill. The country’s cash looks like an elaborate illustration from a history book.

Vietnamese Dong

What makes Vietnam’s money cool is the fact that it’s made of plastic — polymer, to be exact.

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