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Christians in the Philippines Are Nailed to Crosses in Extreme Acts of Devotion

This is how these people show their faith.

People around the world celebrate Good Friday and Easter in their own unique ways. While some cultures influence its people to peacefully enjoy lamb roast, chase Easter bunnies, and perform Morris dancing as a means to celebrate, other cultures lead people to do something more unique and, well, more bizarre.

In the Philippines, for example, there are Christians who whip themselves using metal chains until their backs become bloody and have themselves crucified as acts of penitence. In Jerusalem, on the other hand, devotees carry wooden crosses on their backs and walks through the streets to honor the sacrifice that Jesus Christ had made and to celebrate the subsequent miracle of resurrection.

Below is a compilation of images showing how Good Friday was celebrated in different parts of the world:

In the Philippines, a man screams as nails are driven through his feet.

Some Filipino Christian devotees have themselves crucified before Easter as an act of penance.

Source: EPA
People flock to observe the grim spectacle.

Source: EPA
This act of penitence is observed in several parts of the country.

A man's back ended up raw and bloody after being flayed by a metal whip.

Source: Getty Images
Warning: Graphic Content:

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Being nailed to a cross is this woman's way of seeking forgiveness for her sins.

Source: EPA
Filipino devotees are nailed to the cross as part of the country's traditional Good Friday celebration.

Source: EPA
Some Christian devotees participate in the extreme practice of self-injury as a sign of faith.

Source: EPA
Local church and health officials have condemned the practice but worshippers refuse to give up the practice.

Source: EPA
Watch the video:

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This Young Woman Documents Her Metamorphosis From A Simple Girl To A Gorgeous Bombshell

Puberty definitely hit her so hard.

Some girls are born with good genes that they can easily be noticed for their good looks even at a young age. Others are not gifted with the appeal that they even have to pay a sum of money just to “pass” society’s “beauty standards.” Then there are also those who start out to have a plain look then, as they grow older, they slowly and naturally transform into a gorgeous bombshell.

Netizen Aleksis Corbi is one of those girls who started out to have a simple beauty, thought to be nothing extraordinary. She was just like any girl who got hit hard by puberty. The young adolescent phase can really do drastic changes to our body but once the phase is over, a lovely lady would emerge.

That is what exactly happened to Corbi, who documented her change in a series of photos....

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This Newly Discovered 14,000-Year-Old Settlement Can Change North American History

It is three times older than the Pyramids of Giza.


A 14,000-year-old settlement has been recently discovered along the coastline in Canada. This scientific discovery corroborates with ancient stories that have originated from the indigenous Heiltsuk Nation people, saying that their ancestors hailed from a mysterious settlement somewhere along Canada's coastline during the last Ice Age.

The settlement was found last year, lying somewhere along the British Columbia's Central Coast on Triquet Island. Archaeologists from the University of Victoria, Hakai Institute, and local First Nations found remnants of charcoal and ancient tools such as fish hooks, spears, and a hand drill used to light fires.

Analysis of the charcoal found on the site revealed that the settlement is around 13,613 to 14,086 years old, making this community one of the oldest human settlements ever found in North America. The site is twice as old as the wheel and is three times older than the Pyramids of Giza....

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These Spiky Sea Urchins Are Actually A Fine Delicacy In Some Countries

It has a slimy texture and a buttery taste.

Sea urchins are actually a popular delicacy, especially in Japan. In the country, it is the choice of delicacy and some of them are even imported from San Diego, California. For hundreds of years, the Japanese have been harvesting seasonal sea urchins from their waters that they need help with the supply by importing some from the U.S.

Some of the world’s best uni comes from the coast of southern California, where deep sea divers descend to a depth of up to 80 feet just to pick the spiny creatures that are residing on kelp beds. Sea urchins can weigh up to three pounds each and a “good day” will get the divers a total of 400 pounds whole, live urchins. However, out of the 400-pound harvest, only six or seven percent is edible.

Fishing urchins was once a nuisance. These herbivores populate the kelp beds grazing on them too much, destroying the beds then disrupting the balance in the ecosystem. But a group of divers helped change that to preserve kelp beds and, at the same time, maintain a good population of the sea urchins....

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