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Chinese Passenger Wrestled After Deliberately Coughing On Flight Attendant




  • A video recently went viral online, showing six airline crew members restraining a Chinese woman after coughing on a female flight attendant.
  • Apparently, the passengers of Thai Airline were held up for 10 hours in Shanghai for COVID-19 check.
  • The irate Chinese woman asked the flight attendant to open the door so she can get out.
  • When she was told to wait, the passenger swung her arms and allegedly coughed at one of the attendants. 

A video featuring a Chinese woman being tackled by a Thai Airways flight attendant recently went viral. Although the video only showed the part where crew members were restraining her, reports said that the passenger became aggressive after being held for about 10 hours inside the plane.

Passengers described the incident as a “crazy and shocking” commotion after they witnessed an impatient Chinese woman demanding the flight attendant to open the doors for her so she can get out.

The Thai Airways flight, which has landed in Shanghai, was held up for 10 hours to wait for the Chinese airport authority’s coronavirus check.

Feeling irritated about the long wait, the woman told the staff she wanted get out but was told to wait. She then aggressively swung her arms and deliberately coughed at one of the female flight attendants, trying to pressure the staff to open the doors for her.

The senior male flight attendant warned her but the woman’s rampage continued, resulting in a scuffle. A male member “put her in a headlock” to restrain her.

“Come here help, put her down,” the flight attendant said to his fellow airline member, while asking for handcuffs.

Thai Airways Flight lieutenant Prathana Pattanasiri confirmed the incident and said that after the Chinese passenger calmed down, the cabin crews explained the protocols to her and she “agreed to sit and wait for screening”.

Pattanasiri, who is also the Vice President of Thai’s Aviation Under Safety Department, said that precautionary measures should be observed amidst the deadly COVID-19 crisis. In particular, passengers who have a travel history from countries stricken with the virus, such as Iran, Japan, South Korea, and Italy, have to be screened.

“We could not open the doors of the plane until instructed to and health officials came to proceed with checks. Therefore, Thai Airways had to wait for seven hours before officials arrived at the inspection queue,” he further explained.

Netizens had different reactions about the incident with some saying that the cabin crew went overboard in handling the situation. Others, however, said the woman deserved it for being inconsiderate.

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