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China Is Building a New “COVID-Proof” City For Future Pandemic




  • China is building a smart city that aims to provide residents with a “self-sufficient” place for future crises.
  • Designed by Gullart Architects, a firm from Barcelona, Spain, the city is being promoted as a “new standard in the post-COVID era,” said President Xi Jinping.
  • A press release specifically mentioned that the city’s design will provide residents with “a full life in times of confinement.”

China has unveiled its plans to build a new “COVID-proof” smart city. – which aims to provide people with a safe, self-sufficient place in case another pandemic occurs.

Spanish firm Gullart Architects have won a competition to build the said community in Xiong’an in Hebei province. Chinese President Xi Jinping has touted the project as “a new standard in the post-COVID era” that cities around the world could also emulate.

“We cannot continue designing cities and buildings as if nothing had happened,” said Vicente Gullart.

As can be seen in the images here, the city will be composed of wooden apartment blocks with vegetable gardens, greenhouses, and communal workspaces. The place also utilizes renewable energy. Simply put, the design aims to make future lockdowns easier, reported Mail Online.

The goal is to provide residents with “a full life in times of confinement,” a press release stated.

“If homes allow tele-work and tele-education, have flexible spaces on large terraces, and cities can grow food on the roofs or print objects in their neighborhoods, we will be more prepared for the crises of the future,” he also added.

The smart city will be prepared for future pandemic outbreaks.

“Our proposal stems from the need to provide solutions to the various crises that are taking place, in order to create a new urban life based in the circular bio-economy that will empower cities and communities,” pointed out Gullart, who was the former chief architect for Barcelona city.

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