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China Deploys Powerful New Long Range Nuclear Missile To Warn US President Donald Trump

China is clearly sending a message here.


In an unexpected turn of events, China has recently made a public announcement regarding the deployment of a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) called the Dong Feng (“East Wind”) -41 missile. The DF-41 is capable of carrying up to twelve nuclear warheads and the country says it has the longest range in the world, compared with any other nuclear missile.

Many are perceiving the sudden move as China’s way of sending a strong warning to U.S. President Donald Trump who took office just recently. It can be remembered that Trump, during the campaign period, repeatedly spoke sharply against China.

Reports tell us that the long range nuclear missile has been deployed to Heilongjiang Province.

An article published by the Global Times, a newspaper in China, has confirmed that the People’s Liberation Army has deployed the new long range nuclear weapon to Heilongjiang Province. In addition, eyewitness photos were also shared showing heavy missile launchers moving through Daqing City in the said province.

Global Times describes the DF-41 as the world’s most advanced ICBM.

The missile has a range of 8,699 miles which means it can hit any target on the planet, except South America and parts of Antarctica. Since it travels on China’s roads, it can be hard for enemies to track and destroy.

China is likely deploying the weapon as their way of warning President Trump.

For the most part, China has remained silent about its nuclear weapons and nuclear deterrence. This move, however, is seen by many as a clear message against Trump who is openly anti-China and has even declared his plans to beef up America’s ballistic missile shield. Considering the DF-41’s capabilities, the United States will probably feel overwhelmed.

Although China follows a strict No First Use policy, the country reserves its right to retaliate whenever they are attacked. As of the moment, it only has a modest number of 54 ICBMs compared to the United States’ 400 Minuteman III ICBM’s found in North Dakota and Wyoming.

Still, it should be noted that China had 5 megaton warheads on their DF-5 missiles which is 5,000 kilotons of thermonuclear firepower. In comparison, Hiroshima was destroyed by the “Fat Man” – a mere 17 kiloton bomb.


$20 Million in Cash Found Hidden Under A Mattress

It’s literally lying on a bed of cash!

Imagine moving in a fully-furnished house. It's your first day in this new city and you're optimistic that you'll have a good life here. You lie down on your hand-me-down bed and immediately think that it's cozy and comfortable and that it'll likely give you a goodnight's sleep. Out of sheer curiosity, you peek under the bed and you get the shock of your life when you find $20,000,000 hidden under the mattress.

Okay, this is the kind of stuff that we see in the movies and, sorry, but that's not really what happened. We just asked you to imagine, right? But there really is a mattress that has $20,000,000 hidden under it.

Investigators found bundles of cash amounting to about $20 million stashed in a bed frame in an apartment in Westborough, Massachusetts. Officers raided the said apartment in connection with an investigation of an alleged $3 billion pyramiding scheme.

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Islamic Hate Preacher Still Gets £123,000 of Benefits and Legal Aid to Stay Longer in UK

Islamic hate preacher Hani al-Sibai is taking full advantage of the UK government’s generosity.

Hani al-Sibai, an al-Qaeda cleric who is now living in the UK, has been tagged by the media as an "Islamic hate preacher." Despite this, he seems to be enjoying his life — with the government footing the bill.

The Egyptian-born Al-Sibai, 55, is believed to be one of the "key influencers" of the terrorists who attacked a Tunisian beach resort in 2015. In that incident, there were 38 victims — and 30 of them were British.

Hate preacher Hani al-Sibai calls himself an "Islamic scholar."

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First Ocean Tidal Power Plant in Southeast Asia to be Built in the Philippines

This is a step closer to greener energy sources!

The Philippines takes a step towards green energy as it sets to begin within the first half of this year the construction of the first ocean tidal power plant project in southeast Asia.

Local energy firm H&WB Asia Pacific (Pte. Ltd.) Corp and French energy development company Sabella SaS have partnered up to build the first ever power plant in the Philippines and in southeast Asia that will harness tidal energy. Three concession areas have been identified in three areas in San Bernardino Strait, located between Matnog, Sorsogon, and Dalupiri and Capul in Northern Samar. The said strait is known for its strong and treacherous currents. As of writing, the partner firms have completed a detailed bathymetric survey of the target areas to create a full 3D numerical model of the project.

The model, in turn, will help locate the first demonstration project, which will be comprised of three to five turbines.

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