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Cheater Gets What He Deserved During His Wedding. So Embarrassing!

Cheaters never win!

Ivan Menchavez





Cheating is the lowest form of mistake you can do to your significant other. It destroys trust and confidence. Most relationships get shattered because of it. In life, we are taught to be careful of what we do to others because of karma. As the saying goes, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

What would you do if you found out that your partner for more than a year has been cheating on you? Are you willing to do a drastic move of humiliating him in front of many people? Personally, I’d say yes.

Cheaters should not be allowed to roam around while spotting their next would-be victim. They should be locked up somewhere where they don’t have the chance to manipulate anybody. But that’s just me.

In this video, a woman suspected that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. She has no proof but she is so determined to find out the truth. She collaborated with a reality TV show to do an investigation and in return, they will air their case on national television.

The girlfriend cries after she discovered her boyfriend’s infidelity.

boyfriend cheated on girlfriend caught by camera 1

The show hired private investigators to follow her boyfriend’s every move. Although the girlfriend may have agreed to the terms in finding the truth, she is also hoping that she was wrong all along about her suspicion. But that wasn’t the case. Apparently her boyfriend has been seeing someone and even picking up a random woman at the bar. This is not exactly the truth she wanted to learn.

To make the situation worse, her boyfriend is actually engaged to be married to another woman. The girlfriend was so dumbfounded about the situation, especially after learning that her boyfriend has been lying about his real name.

The girlfriend went to the wedding day of her alleged boyfriend and that’s when things get out of hand.

Check out the video.

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Long Lost Wreckage of Sunken ‘Sin Ship’ Reappears After 80 Years

It was once called “The Sin Ship”




The ocean holds vast secrets of the past, secrets that may or may not be unearthed. This one surfaced, literally, at a California coast.

The SS Monte Carlo, a 300-feet gambling and prostitution ship, sank during a storm on New Year's Eve in 1937. Anchored 3 miles off Coronado Beach in San Diego, the ship lost its hold and drifted off the beach.

During its peak, the ship had hosted some 15,000 people a week and guests could play blackjack, roulette or slots.

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Terrifying Moment Ship Was Bombarded by 100-foot Waves During Storm in the North Sea

Would you have laughed or cried if you saw 100-foot waves heading your way?

Faye Williams



Last month, Storm Gertrude hit the United Kingdom. It was so intense that it brought parts of the country to a standstill.

Northern Ireland and Scotland bore the brunt of the storm, with strong winds coming at 100 miles hour. At some point, the winds reportedly intensified further to 144 miles per hour.

Storm Gertrude also brought snow along with the rain and pretty much obliterated the visibility. There was flooding and, as such, travel disruptions.

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Rich Chinese Woman Dumps Her Boyfriend After Attending His ‘Cheap’ Family Dinner

She found out that her boyfriend is poor, so she left him because she was worried he won’t be able to support her.

Kris Evangelista



There are several women who look after the financial status of the men they are dating; these women want their future to be well-secured and comfortable. Some women have a long list of their standards and qualifications in dating a man, and for other ladies, it includes being rich and successful.

Well, there’s nothing wrong about ensuring that the man you will marry is stable and responsible, but it’s also best to look at other qualities such as character, values, and his principles in life. Who doesn’t want to get married to a man who has all these? While it is true that married life is full of responsibilities and raising a family may be quite expensive, one should not insult or humiliate someone for being poor.

She dumps her boyfriend after attending his cheap family dinner.

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