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9 Celebrity Women Over 50 Who Look Hotter Than Ever





Considering all of the mouthwatering food out there, it is almost impossible to keep up a good physical shape. This is most especially if you have reached a certain age. But, apparently, these women in the list beg to differ. They have managed to maintain a high level of discipline and dedication allowing them to achieve satisfying health and beauty.

This list consists of women who, despite their age, appear to have located the fountain of youth. And with how great their bodies look, you will be surprised with their actual age. You can say that they deserve every ounce of respect.

Without further ado, here they are!

#1. Yolanda Hadid, 54 Years Old

She is none other than the famous mother of titular models Gigi and Bella Hadid. Despite experiencing divorce and few illnesses, Yolanda has found a way to keep her body in tip-top shape. And just like her daughters, she can easily capture a man’s — heart thanks to her stunning beauty.

#2. Sharron Davies, 55 Years Old

Sharron is not your typical lady, so to speak. She is, in fact, an Olympic swimming champion who won a silver medal back in 1980. When it comes to the topic of metabolism, she has this to say: “Stay active, and a move a lot. You’ll be fine.”

#3. Sharon Stone, 59 Years Old

Source: Sharon Stone

If you do not know who Sharon Stone is, then you are missing a lot in life. Sharon has a love for sports and yoga, which she thinks are essential in being healthy. She also believes that if you “stay true to yourself and you are kind to people,” you will become prettier even with age.

#4. Jane Seymour, 66 Years Old

Source: ThePlace2

Who would have thought that this good looking lady is already 66 years old? Apart from “good genes” and “the right diet,” Jane stays away from any form of bad habits. However, she only seeks the help of surgeons if she needs to hide the bags under her eyes.

#5. Andie MacDowell, 59 Years Old

Andie is the kind of woman who actually looks 25 years old at the age of 50. She spends most of her time horseriding and taking good care of her ranch. This celebrity is fond of doing breathing exercises every morning.

#6. Yasmina Rossi, 62 Years Old

For Yasmina, she considers her body as her “teacher.” She does not believe in strict diets or extreme physical exercises. For her, giving the body the rest it needs helps in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Well, she sure has that one.

#7. Christie Brinkley, 64 Years Old

At first, Christie tried drinking smoothies or juices. She even went to eat a certain kind of food only.

Unfortunately, these things did not come to fruition. She later on realized that the secret was to keep a healthy and well-balanced diet.

#8. Susan Lucci, 71 Years Old

Source: Susan Lucci

Oh, yes, you read that right. Susan is already 71 years of age. But as you can see, she looks younger than what her age says. She loves to eat healthy food and undergo physical exercises. She makes sure that these are achieved on a daily basis.

#9. Ernestine Sheperd, 81 Years Old

If Lucci sits at 71 years old, this lady here just broke the record. She is 81 years old and yet she looks like someone who just graduated college. Ernestine is actually a renowned body-builder who is deemed as “the oldest body-builder in the world” in the Guinness World Records. And mind you, she wakes up at 2:30 AM to do her stuff. She also makes sure that her diet is composed of only 1,700 calories a day.

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