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Cecil’s Cub Killed by Rival Male Trying to Mate with the Lion’s Mother

According to wildlife officials, Cecil’s cubs have only 1-in-20 chance of survival.


Following the brutal killing of Cecil, one of the well-loved lion’s cubs was killed by a rival male who was attempting to mate with  its mother and Cecil’s two lionesses.

“One of the eight cubs was killed by a male lion after Cecil was killed. Lions practise infanticide – the male looking to take over and mate with the three lionesses would have crushed the cub’s skull as he looked to stake his claim,” said a source by Mirror UK.

Wildlife officials say Cecil’s cubs have only 1-in-20 chance of survival.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

This is because lionesses don’t have the capacity to protect their cubs as other lion males try to compete in order to replace the tiny pride’s head.

Cecil, Zimbabwe’s beloved lion, was illegally gunned down by an American trophy-hunting dentist named Walter Palmer on July 1.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

Allegedly, Palmer’s guides lured the rare black-maned lion away from Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. As a result, the government imposed a ban on big-game hunting in the country. The government revoked the prohibition after only 10 days although the ban still applies in the area where Cecil was killed.

Source:, Mirror UK



Dad Gets Cochlear Implant Tattooed on His Shaved Head to Support His Deaf Daughter

Sweet gesture of a father who gets cochlear implant tattoo to show support for his deaf daughter goes viral.

It's amazing how people go great lengths for a loved one. For the most part, no one does it better than our parents. Their love is enduring, selfless and unconditional. They are always willing to make sacrifices for us and most importantly, they accept and embrace us despite our imperfections.

Another 'super dad' from New Zealand is currently melting hearts of people across the world. Alistair Campbell has a 6-year-old daughter Charlotte who suffers hearing impairement. Charlotte had her first cochlear implant when she was 4 years old and just had another one put in recently at Gillies Hospital.

To make sure that Charlotte wouldn't feel different, Alistair had his own cochlear implant tattooed on the left side of his shaved head.


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This Dog Dug a Hole Near A Grave and Slept There. The Reason Will Touch You!

This dog dug a den near a grave in the cemetery.


We all know that one of the reason why humans love dogs is because of their loyalty and great instinct. That is why photos and videos about dogs being rescued often are a big hit on the internet. We love it when these poor creatures are saved. It is a good thing that many people do their best to rescue and give love to these animals.

One great example of this is a German Shepherd seen sleeping in the cemetery. The photos were first posted on social media and then it went viral online around April 2015. Many were quick to assume that the dog dug and slept in the grave because she was agonizing for the lost of her human companion. But the real story behind this is a lot different and will surely amaze you.

Just read further to know the truth behind her reason why she dug and slept in the grave.

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Teen boy loses left leg in a horrific escalator accident in Mexico City

After several escalator accidents in China, a teenage boy lost his leg in a horrific escalator accident in Mexico City.


A 13-year-old boy who failed to notice that his shoelaces had come undone lost his left leg after getting dragged by an escalator.

The unnamed teenage boy from Mexico City was out shopping with his friends in the Plaza Aragon mall in Mexico City when the horrible accident occurred.

Apparently, his untied shoelaces got caught in the mechanism. As a result, the boy was dragged into the moving stairs causing him to sustain serious injuries. Doctors attempted to save his leg but were left without a choice but to amputate it.

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