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PETA Video Exposes India’s Disgusting Wildlife Wet Market




  • PETA recently exposed an illegal wildlife wet market in India where animals and their parts are sold to buyers.
  • According to PETA, the said market has “rampant violations” of animal protection legislation.
  • A PETA director also described such a place as a “breeding ground for deadly diseases.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has always led the fight against animal cruelty. This month, the non-profit organization exposed a grim wildlife market that’s been spotted in the Indian city of Dimapur in the stateof Nagaland.

The group has since shared a footage that has since gone viral online. Of course, numerous netizens expressed outrage about the sickening practice.

WARNING: Graphic images and video ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.

The video, which has been taken in secret, shows evidence of wet market vendors selling animal parts such as charred monkey hands and porcupine meat, among others.

Also captured on camera were poor dogs placed in sacks, waiting to be slaughtered.

Uploaded on YouTube last July 7, the Official PETA India channel wrote on the video description that the ”next pandemic could begin in India,” citing the fact that many believe inhumane wildlife trade was exactly how the outbreak started in China.

Some netizens angrily commented on the video, writing:

“Bloody hell people, so inhuman! Why you all do this making money by hurting other living creatures?”

Another said:

“Humans are monsters!.. Thank you PETA for fighting for these tormented souls! All these atrocities against animals must be stopped!”

Watch the video here:

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According to PETA, the said market has “rampant violations” of existing animal protection laws.

In an interview with Mirror Online, Elisa Allen,director of PETA UK, said:

“Places such as these, crammed full of sick and stressed animals, are breeding grounds for deadly diseases.

“As long as live-animal markets are allowed to operate, humans will continue to be at risk and countless animals will needlessly endure miserable lives and a violent, painful death.”

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