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Baby Lion Whose Legs Were Broken for Tourist Photo Op Finally Gets Rescued




  • A young lion has been kept captive in a barn where tourists can take pictures with him.
  • The cub, who has been named Simba, had been abused to the point that his legs were broken.
  • Luckily, the little lion has finally been rescued and is already doing well.

There is no shortage of sad stories about animals being abused for tourism. One of these stories happens to involve a lion cub who had his legs broken and his spine damaged so he would stay still as tourists took pictures with him. Luckily, this is one story with a happy ending. The baby lion has finally been rescued and is getting a second chance at freedom.

According to reports, Simba was a lion cub who was kept in a barn in Russia in an effort to attract tourists. The little cub was found with several injuries on his body, mostly on his legs and spine. It is believed that Simba was also tortured and beaten by his captors. Luckily, the young lion would eventually find a savior.

Simba was in a sorry state when he was rescued

Simba’s savior is Karen Dallakyan, a veterinarian based in Russia who has been rescuing abused animals. The kindhearted doctor took the cub in and nursed him back to health. In addition to fixing Simba’s broken legs, Dallakyan also made sure the animal got all the love he deserves.

Simba with his savior Karen Dallakyan

Not surprisingly, the journey to recovery was not an easy one for Simba. After being kept in an abusive environment where he was always tied down, the young cub was understandably wary of people. However, Dallakyan never gave up on him.

Simba is a happy little lion today!

You can see more of Simba on Karen Dallakyan’s Instagram account. Additionally, you can also find out how to help the good vet in his efforts to continue saving abused animals in Russia.

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