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A Festival for Cats is Returning to London this 2019

Love cats? This IS the festival for you!






A festival dedicated to cats? It sounds totally crazy…unless you’re a crazy cat lover. There is nothing that a feline lover wouldn’t do and this June 29, the ultimate cat appreciation will be held in London’s Beckenham Place Park.

Simply called CatFest 2019, the festival will have live music, lots of food and booze, and of course, lots and lots of cats.

All eyes on the kitties this June in London.

The park, which has a beautiful Palladian-style mansion in the grounds, will be filled with all things cat-related.

There will be cocktails, films, face painting, arts and crafts, vegan food and a whole lot more. What’s even better is that some famous cats in the internet will show their puuurrrty faces and paws at the event. The final list of the Insta-famous cats are not yet released, so cat lovers will have to wait for a while for this.

Maybe Cole and Marmalade will be there?


CatFest 2019 will feature “meet-greets with feline superstars and inspiring talks from renowned writers and animal experts. Plus [there will be] the Meow Parlour adoption lounge brought by our beneficiary charities ERHAM to help vulnerable Moroccan street cats and FRESHFIELDS ANIMAL RESCUE WALES to re-home unwanted and abandoned kittens.”

As if these are not wacky enough, the festival will also hold a “CatLit” section, in which attendees will hear modified versions of literary classics such as Homer’s Odyssey. Obviously, these will have a feline twist. Cat-cher in the Rye, anyone?

Crazy cat ladies galore!

Source: lonelyplanet

CatFest has teamed up with Almo Nature, the pioneer of human-grade cat and dog food. It is the first-ever pet-food brand to be “owned by the animals”, which means that all profits generated by the sale of Almo Nature products are used to protect cats, dogs and wildlife biodiversity

The festival is not just for universal feline appreciation. This will be for a good cause. Proceeds will go to the Erham Rescue centre and Freshfields Animal Rescue, a charity organization. Tickets go for £22.15, which includes a booking fee. These will be available at the official CatFest website. There are cheaper tickets (at £15 a pop) but they are already sold out.

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Vegetarians Are ‘Less Healthy’, ‘Require More Medical Treatment’ Than Meat Eaters

It might be healthier to regularly have meat in your diet.

Nobelle Borines



There is little doubt that going vegetarian has its benefits. After all, the lifestyle makes use of the best of Earth's resources, reduces the risk of certain diseases, and for some, proves one's love for animals. However, a new study may have revealed that vegetarians are not as healthy as the regular meat-eaters. In fact, people who only eat vegetables are reportedly more likely to need more medical treatments.

The study was conducted by the Medical University of Graz in Austria and enlisted people with different diets. Interestingly, the researchers found that vegetarians were the least healthy subjects. The research discovered that low consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol due to higher fruit and vegetable intake carried a higher risk of cancer, allergies, and mental health problems.

Vegetarians are reportedly at risk of certain cancers and mental conditions.

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CCTV Captures Woman’s Sweet Gesture For Cold Stray Dog

“The weather was so cold. I just couldn’t take it when I saw him shivering.”

Nobelle Borines



What would you do if you found an unfortunate animal shivering in the rain? One woman decided to do what she can when she discovered a cold stray dog trying to sleep outside a store. Luckily, a CCTV captured her sweet gesture and people were touched by her simple act of kindness.

The CCTV footage shows the woman stepping out of a cafe in Turkey and stopping when she saw the stray dog. She is already prepared to brave the rain as she opens her umbrella. However, she does not leave right away, still lingering beside the poor pup. Eventually, she removes her scarf, carefully folds the cloth, then gently places it over the shivering pooch.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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Sharing Your Netflix Password With Friends Will Soon Be Impossible, Says Software Firm

“Casual credentials sharing is becoming too expensive to ignore.”

Mark Andrew



It's a common practice among some Netflix subscribers but it could all be over soon. According to a tech firm, sharing your Netflix passwords to your friends will no longer be easy in the near future.

During CES 2019 in Las Vegas, video software provider Synamedia revealed a new artificial powered-system called Synamedia Credentials Sharing Insight. This tech is designed to track illegal account sharing on the said streaming service. Once in place, the software will be able to detect which users are logged in and flag shared accounts.

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