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Watch This Naughty Baby Monkey Teasing a Serious Cat





We have read about several odd animal pairs over the internet. We’ve seen a dog that has an unusual friendship with a bird, a bear with a lion, a mouse with a frog, a giraffe with an ostrich, and so on. These animals aren’t from the same species but they couldn’t care less. It seems that all that matters to these creatures is that they love, protect, and enjoy each other’s companies.

These loving animals can be seen playing and doing different things together, and they’re really adorable, right? But do they tease each other for fun too, like us human beings?

The cat and the monkey in the video below also share a special amity. And in the 3:32-long footage that has amassed- several thousand views on both Facebook and YouTube, you’ll see the small ape repeatedly swing and fall from a tree branch. But while it swings upside down, it stretches its arms to the cat. Whether it is teasing the feline or inviting it to join his stunt, we don’t really know for sure. What we do know is that you’ll love this odd couple!

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