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Carwash Employee Forced Robber to Wash Cars After Failed Robbery





Robbery is a crime which has been committed throughout history in an array of high-profile instances. Many of such memorable incidents have been romanticized in Hollywood movies and TV documentaries. In the age of Social Media, however, a failed robbery could mean a lifetime of humiliation.

That’s what happened in this bizarre robbery at a car wash facility and the entire incident was caught on CCTV.

The video shows the hooded robber entering the car wash facility and threatening the employee at gunpoint. The robber then forced the employee inside the establishment. They went out of view for a few seconds.

Events suddenly took an awkward turn, the robber can be seen scurrying towards the entrance. Turns out, the employee was able to disarm him. This time, the victim was pointing the handgun at the robber who can be seen pleading for his very own life.

The robber must have said something to the employee that prevented him from calling the cops immediately. Instead, he forced the robber to wash the cars for him.

Watch the video of the incident:

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