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Zebra Mates With Donkey, Gives Birth To Rare Baby ‘Zonkey’




  • A zebra in Kenya gave birth to a rare baby ‘zonkey,’ a combination of a zebra and a donkey.
  • According to animal rescue group Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the zebra may have mated with an “amorous” donkey when it stayed with a cattle herd last year.

In an interesting twist of things, a mama zebra surprisingly gave birth to a baby zonkey – a combination of a zebra and a donkey – and it looks extremely adorable!

As recent reports have confirmed, the unusual animal was born in Kenya’s Chyulu Hills National Park. Caregivers from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust spotted the foal and immediately noticed there was something unique about it.

According to the animal rescue group, zebra foals typically have white and brown stripes that turn to black but the little one had “suspiciously light” stripes plus it’s color was “overwhelmingly tawny.”

Although they initially thought the animal may have just wallowed in the mud, they eventually came up with one solid conclusion: the zebra probably mated with a male donkey and therefore, giving birth to a baby zonkey.

In a Facebook post, the organization explained:

“The zonkey combines the sturdy body of its donkey sire and the striped legs of its zebra mother, which makes for a striking creature.”

“We’re happy to report that mum and baby are thriving,” added SWT.

As the group shared, working closely with animals in the wild has made them “expect the unexpected” and so they have connected the dots of the new animal’s origins when the zebra “made herself at home” at a cattle herd last year. It looks like she and an “amorous” local donkey saw a bit of action in there.

The organization also pointed out that while the zonkey “should otherwise lead a normal life, (they) are mules” and so it will not be able to breed when it reaches the age of maturity.

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