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Caregiver Caught Punching Elderly Patient With Dementia 11 Times

The caregiver punched the elderly man 11 times.


When the elderly are admitted to health care facilities, their families are assured of their safety and eventually, recovery. However, the family of an 89-year-old patient with dementia recently released a horrifying video showing a caregiver punching the victim 11 times.

A caregiver at an Ottawa nursing home was caught on surveillance video punching the elderly patient 11 times in the face. The recording shows Jie Xiao, a 44-year-old caregiver, struggling while changing the diaper of the patient, Georges Karam, who suffers from both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

The careworker was changing the patient's diaper aggressively.

The family of Karam had been concerned after they noticed that he suffered a string of unexplained injuries while admitted at the Garry J Armstrong long-term care home. Daniel Nassrallah, the patient’s grandson, decided to install a high definition camera in the patient’s room.

When they were watching the footage from the patient’s room a few weeks after, they were shocked at what they saw. The caregiver acted aggressively and threw the patient around the bed. Daniel told the Citizen,

“I literally stood up and fell down, my legs gave way because I didn’t know how to respond to this.”

In the video, the patient took a pair of swipes, and when the last one came closer to Xiao’s face, he punched the elderly man a series of rapid punches. He hit the poor man 11 times.

The care provider released a series of rapid punches.

The family rushed to the facility after calling the cops to arrest Xiao. He even admitted to the crime and a court hearing is expected to pursue.

Xiao even threatened the elderly patient.

Janice Burelle, the general manager of community and social services, said:

“Long-term care will not tolerate any form of abuse of residents. There can be no excuse for even a momentary lapse in the high standards that we, residents and their families expect of the people to whom we have entrusted the care of those who call our facilities home.”

Here’s the full footage:

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Mexican Mayor Marries Crocodile To Bring Good Luck To Fishermen

Marrying a crocodile is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the community.

Every country has its own beliefs and traditions observed throughout the centuries. For superstitious people, any tradition that brings good luck is worth observing no matter how bizarre it can get-- just like this Mexican mayor, who married a crocodile to bring luck to the local fishermen.

Recently, a crocodile named “The Princess” was baptized and was made to wear a custom-made wedding dress while her jaws were clamped shut. The Princess was being prepared for her upcoming wedding ceremony.

The Princess is like any human bride – she wore a veil, she had a dress and she paraded through the streets with music accompaniment. Clearly, people are waiting for the celebration to happen.

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Photographer Captures ‘Jesus Christ’ Apparition Over Light Beams in New Jersey

Could that robed figure be Jesus Christ himself?

Cameras are great not only for capturing life’s special moments but also for some unexpected instances. Or in this case, an alleged miraculous apparition. The photo below, taken by a freelance photographer, shows us a mysterious figure appearing over light beams in Hoboken, New Jersey. The said figure is believed by some as Jesus Christ himself.

Richard McCormack, who took the picture, shared that he was taking photos during the 9/11 commemoration and memorial rites when he captured the said image. In the clouds over the two beams of light, a figure dressed in a white robe can be seen seemingly standing in the sky.

Richard McCormack captured this photo of 'Jesus Christ' standing above the clouds over two light beams in New Jersey.

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Foreign Tourists Get Beaten in India After They Tried To Push A Cow

This is really disturbing!

A recent video from India, however, has been catching everyone’s attention and has been raising people’s eyebrows. Shared on Facebook by Pakistan Affairs, the footage shows us a bunch of foreign tourists being attacked in an Indian beach after they attempted to push a cow.

The page captioned the video this way:

“Shining India. Foreign tourists being beaten by Hindu extremist mob in Goa, after they tried to push away a cow.”

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