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Kindergarten Teacher Violently Pushes Little Girl and Pulls Her Chair As She Tries To Sit

Parents, how would you react if a teacher did this to your kid?


We’ve recently heard about that disgusting daycare teacher who urged her students to throw rocks at a 4-year-old boy and now here goes another name that just made it to the list of bad teachers we have around.

In a video that recently went viral, we see a kindergarten teacher pushing one of her pupils and deliberately pulling the poor girl’s chair as she was sitting down. Needless to say, netizens everywhere have been outraged because of her act.

A kindergarten teacher from China is currently under fire for pushing a young pupil – and pulling her chair.

Captured by a hidden camera, the abusive teacher was spotted doing the disgusting deed as her way of punishing the little girl.

Apparently, the student was “chatting to her friends at another table,” a Daily Mail report tells us. Eventually, the teacher decided to punish the “disruptive” student when she didn’t immediately return to her seat.

The awful teacher totally lost her cool!

As seen on the footage, the teacher pulled the student’s chair, resulting to the girl falling hard on her bottom. Fortunately, the young student was able to get up right away.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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Understandably, netizens have been outraged by what the teacher did. Many of the commenters were parents who were disturbed with how the instructor acted.

One netizen wrote:

“This teacher should be sacked! Even if you are having a bad day, you must not take it out on the children.”

Another said:

“Poor little girl! She did not deserve this harsh treatment. It seems that she did nothing wrong at all.”

So far, the name of the teacher and the school have remained unidentified.

Parents, how would you react if a teacher did this to your kid? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.


Evil Daycare Teacher Urges Pupils To Throw Rocks at Classmate “To Teach Him A Lesson”

She doesn’t deserve to be called a teacher!

More than merely teaching lessons, teachers perform the role of being second parents to the students whenever they're in the classroom. That’s why it’s always disappointing when we hear news about those who abuse and violate their important duties.

This is exactly the case for a daycare teacher from Arkansas who instructed six of her young students to throw rocks at one of their classmates. Why did she do that in the first place? Apparently, she wanted to “teach him a lesson”.

The disgusting incident allegedly happened at the Teach N Tend Daycare.

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13 Of The Most Brutally Honest Mother’s Day Cards EVER

These greetings are so savage – especially #2!

Celebrated annualy, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show appreciation and love for the greatest women in our lives – our mothers. This is the day when they are treated like queens by giving them flowers, treating them to a fancy dinner, and generally letting them enjoy the day (through having a massage or spa, maybe?).

Of course, you can also go old school by sending them Mother’s Day greeting cards. Let’s face it, simple greeting cards are often more effective compared with an SMS or a Facebook message.

If you want to spice up your greetings a bit, you might want to consider the following Mother’s Day cards below. Compiled by Oddee, these greetings are definitely the most brutal and most hilarious at the same time.

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Mother Dies, Daughter In Critical Condition After Horrific Funfair Ride Accident

Caught by a bystander, the distressing video shows us what exactly happened.

It’s a tragic incident that nobody saw coming – especially since people who witnessed it only wanted to enjoy and have fun. This terrifying accident recently happened in a fair held in Penjamo, Mexico.

As the video below shows us, a funfair ride gone wrong led to a horrific turn when one mother and her daughter fell off from 33 feet above the ground. The said incident resulted to the mother’s death while the daughter is currently in the hospital – in critical condition.

Safety bar failure: Irma Sanchez Albarran, 50, and daughter Nayeli Morales Sanchez, 26, accidentally fell from the funfair ride.

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