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What This Driver Does at a Car Wash Will Really Make You Shake Your Head

What the hell was he thinking?


If you happen to own a car, you would definitely be familiar with the dreaded feeling that you get when you see your beloved whip all covered in dust and mud – a situation which leaves you no other choice but to run to the nearest car wash to give your vehicle a much needed bath.

When given the choice between a traditional car wash and an automated one, we’d often choose the one that requires less effort and the one that will finish faster. We live in a fast-paced world, right? So instead of using up your energy to scrub, hose, and vacuum all the dirt away, it might be a more desirable choice to sit prettily inside your car and watch the entire process end in minutes.

There are a few dos and don’ts that we have to remember when opting for an automated car wash, though. One of those is the golden rule – do not open your car door while inside the tunnel, ever. If you’re curious about what will happen, you might want to watch this video of a driver who risked everything to grab a flyer from his windshield.

Watch the video and watch what happens:

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So, the next time you decide to use an automated car wash and a flyer ends up on your windshield, you know what to do.

Unfortunately, this guy with poor decision-making skills is not alone in the car wash failure section because he has a few buddies with whom he can trade stories with. Check out this video of top ten car wash fails, take down some notes, and learn important lessons.

Watch the video:

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What do you think of these clips? Do you have your own car wash failure story that you think is worthy to be shared? If your answer is yes, hit the comment button and type away!


25 Grandfathers Who are Way More Bad Ass Than Most of Us

Who said grandfathers can’t kick ass?

Most grandfathers are known to dote on their grandchildren, often spoiling them far beyond the liking of their children. They usually have a heart of mush and go gaga over babies and toddlers. Really, who wouldn't love this kind of granddads?

On the other side of the spectrum though are grandfathers who undoubtedly tipped the badass scale and who remain young at heart and display a balance of sweetness, charm, and toughness that only them can ever pull off. From Gramps who wears a Princess Leia costume to one who'll give the real Ghostbusters a run for their money, this compilation will show you just how awesome grandfathers can be.

Check out these photos:

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20 Times Moms Were Adorably Funny

Moms are so adorable – we just love them!

Mothers are integral, if not the most important, member of the family for without them, we wouldn't exist. They carried and nurtured us in their wombs for nine months, endured excruciating pain while giving birth, clothed and fed us, guided and loved us while we were growing up - they did all these and a whole lot more, so we definitely owe our moms a whole lot.

But aside from these superhuman feats, our moms can do one more thing that can lift a massive load of stress off our shoulders - they make us laugh hard. You see, our moms have this gift of being exceptionally funny, intended or unintended. This lovely trait just adds to the unique blend of charm that only they can ever possess, and we definitely love them more for it!

From moms who think that Chewbacca and the Gingerbread Man are one and the same to those who think that "LOL" isn't associated to anything funny, this compilation of "Mom moments" will sure make your day! Check out these photos:

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Minister Vomits During Wedding Vows, Bride Continues Like It’s Nothing

No one’s going to mess up this bride’s wedding day.

No matter the intense preparations, some things can still go wrong during a couple's wedding day - a serious wardrobe malfunction, a drunk and scandalous relative, an unexpected and unwanted guest, a missing wedding cake, even a missing bride or groom. But a vomiting minister surely isn't one of the things that come to mind.

Just recently, a video was posted on YouTube showing an unfortunate female minister throwing up during the vows of the wedding she was officiating. The embarrassing moment was captured on video and now has millions of views.

A minister throws up during the wedding vows.

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