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Snapshots Show People’s Hilarious Reactions Inside Canada’s Most Frightening Haunted House





Are you one of those people who enjoy horror themed parks? Do you like entering those dark, gloomy places for some adrenalin rush and a dose of hearty laugh-out-loud moments after the experience?

A good scare does that to us—it makes us laugh, I mean—and it’s because of our silly reactions despite knowing that something scary will definitely happen, or someone will suddenly appear out of nowhere.

But looking at these photos, which captured the people’s reactions during the most frightening moment inside a haunted house, is enough to make you laugh so hard!

Canada’s Nightmares Fear Factory claims that it is the scariest haunted house attraction in the world. They say the place is so frightening that so far, 125,000 people have already chickened out.

Although we don’t know what went on inside that scary house, or what terrified them in the first place, the snapshots taken by Nightmares’ hidden cameras can give us an idea how scary it was in there.

I can’t help but laugh at the pictures. I’m sure these people not only had a good time, but they probably laughed at their own reactions too.

Enjoy the pictures!






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