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She Gave Birth to Quintuplets, But What Happened to Her Children will Break Your Heart!





Born in 1934, the Dionne quintuplets was the first set of identical quintuplets documented, and the first set of quintuplets that survived infancy.

Miracle babies Yvonne, Annette, Émilie, Marie, and Cecille Dione became Canada’s symbol of joy and hope during the Great Depression.

But behind the happiness the five sisters brought to the country is a dark story that will break your heart.

Born in 1934, the Dionne quintuplets became a symbol of joy and hope in Canada.


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Shortly after the rare quintuplets were born, they were taken from their parents Oliva and Elzire and were put on public display in the Quintland museum where they became an attraction to almost 6,000 tourists a day. Through tons of memorabilia, the sisters brought in $51 million revenue to the Government of Ontario.

The rare quintuplets became an attraction to almost 6,000 tourists a day.


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In 1943, their parents won the custody battle of the five sisters. However, the sisters claimed that they were deprived and abused by their parents during their stay with them. Three of the surviving sisters even claimed that their father sexually abused them when they were teenagers.

As a result of years of exploitation and abuse, the sisters suffered from personal and psychological problems like bipolar disorder, alcoholism and marriage problems as adults.


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Watch the heartbreaking story of the famous Dione quintuplets.

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