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Can You Guess How Deep the Ocean Really is? Find Out in This Video!





When we think of the ocean what do we picture in our minds? Perhaps the feel of the sand tickling at our feet, some cool clear waters, the salty air and the strong sunshine. Or perhaps we think of scuba diving or snorkeling and marvel at the teeming and colorful wildlife under the sea.

But have you ever really paused for a second and thought how deep is the ocean really? Why is it that some shipwrecks or airplane crashes (such as the controversial MH370) have never been found yet? Scientists say that we haven’t even discovered 10% of our sea floor and much is yet to be explored.


So if you are wondering how deep the ocean is, watch this very informative video. The graphics are very interactive and for sure even kids (and kids at heart like us 😉 ) can enjoy and learn from it.

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Wow isn’t that amazing? This 11,034 meter or 6.9 miles depth is found at the Challenger Deep, which is a part of Mariana Trench on the Pacific Ocean. Some experts even say that at the depth we can explore today, submarines and other diving crafts are having a hard time passing through the density and pressure. Hopefully technology finds a way, who knows what other amazing things the ocean is hiding, maybe Merpeople? Chthulhu? The Kraken?

It’s amazing and scary to think of right? So if somebody tells you they love you Ocean deep, you’re one lucky fellow because it is truly deep! 🙂

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