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Deaf Baby Hears Mom Say “I Love You” For The First Time, Makes The Internet Cry

Her emotional reaction just made the internet cry!


This video below has recently been making rounds on social media. In fact, I think I’ve seen several of my friends share this on Facebook and so when I finally clicked it, I immediately realized why it’s been getting a lot of online love – it’s extremely heartwarming and tear-inducing!

The short viral footage captures the touching reaction of Charly, a beautiful deaf baby girl, when she heard her mother say “I love you” for the first time in her life. She may be too young to speak a word but her facial expression says everything and has made the whole internet cry.

Baby Charly was born with hearing problems.

Source: YouTube

Her parents initially felt suspicious when they noticed she wasn’t responding to certain voices and noises. So they immediately took her to a doctor for a hearing test and the results confirmed their fears – the baby is indeed hearing impaired and she needed to use hearing aid.

She got really emotional upon hearing her mother’s voice.

Source: YouTube

After acquiring the device, the parents fitted and tested it and recorded everything on film. They, however, weren’t prepared for what followed shortly. Their baby’s mixed emotions really showed in her countenance and it’s really heartwarming. Hearing her mother’s voice must have been a really overwhelming experience for her!

You can watch the video below:

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Frankly, it’s hard not to cry with this baby.

Although a Faithtap article tells us that “it will take time for Charly to learn how to speak, talk, and develop her listening skills,” it is still comforting to know that she is now “on the right track” after having her own hearing aid.

We are definitely happy for her and her family. It is sweet little moments like this that really make us appreciate the wonders of modern technology.


Internet Responds Warmly to Lonely Disabled Woman Looking for Roast Dinner Companion

Faith in humanity restored!

With all the negativity we see on social media these days, it’s really easy to lose faith in humanity. Then again, its stories such as this one that makes us realize and believe that, yes, there is still some good in this world.

Apparently, a lonely disabled woman posted on Facebook looking for a roast dinner companion – and netizens responded warmly to her request.

On the Brighton Sunday Roast Club page, elderly Pat Obryne wrote her first post.

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Twitter World In Search For Third Grade Girl Who Wrote Powerful Poem On Femininity

A girl third grader wrote a very powerful poem which brought realization to the world about feminism.

Women still face a number of issues related to gender equality despite the modern world we are already living in. A lot of women today are already degree holders, successful in fields dominated by men, and equally skilled yet they are still discriminated. Women strive to win recognition and equality including this young mind who just shared a powerful poem about feminism.

If adults can’t win the favor of the world, then let’s try hearing the voice of a little child on the issue of feminism and gender equality. The internet is left in awe with the poem that a third grader reportedly wrote.

According to reports, an anonymous teacher took to social media to share a photo of a literary piece allegedly written by her girl pupil. She wrote:

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Crippled Wife Serves As Eyes Of Her Blind Husband As He Carries Her Everyday

A true example of an unconditional love.

When two people promise forever when they get married, it means staying with each other in sickness and in health and for better or for worse. No matter how big an obstacle is, when they are in love with each other, they can definitely surpass it.

A perfect example of an unending love and sacrifice in marriage is seen in a couple in China - a blind husband and a crippled wife. He carries her on his back, not minding their disabilities as they work together to go through each day.

Some people would easily give up and lose hope in life when they're faced with this kind of problem.

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