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Heroic Bus Driver Saves a Suicidal Woman from Jumping Off a Bridge





Talk about perfect timing! A bus driver who was on his usual route in Nanjing, China chanced upon a suicidal woman who wanted to jump off the Yangtze River Bridge earlier this week.

The unidentified woman, who, according to reports is at least 30 years of age, already had one leg up over the bridge’s barrier when Bian Peng, the driver, saw the woman.

Peng immediately stopped the vehicle and jumped out of the bus to rescue the woman.


Photo credit: CEN
The driver tried to drag her away from the bridge, but she struggled.


Photo credit: CEN

She was crying and was pulling away from her rescuer.

He was finally able to get her onto the bus with the help of a passer-by.


Photo credit: CEN
The passengers called the police, and they took her away for counselling.


Photo credit: CEN

The reason behind her suicide attempt is still unknown.

Watch the video:

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