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11 Life Skills That Score Awesome Career Points for your Resume

You’ll be surprised at how valuable employers will find your skill set.


Did you know that some things you learned outside of the classroom can be useful when you enter the workplace? Yes, a lot of life skills can make their transition from real life into a resume to wow headhunters.

Here are 11 life skills you may have that will see you in good stead in today’s job market:

#1. Social media proficiency.


If you have the knack for knowing when the best time of the day it is to post something, and how to rack up likes and shares, you’re a shoo-in for careers that require the same kind of optimization based on testing and learning.

#2. Roommate debate moderator.


Living in one house with other diverse individuals make for an explosive situation and if you’re the only one who can calm everyone down to see each other’s point of view, you can channel your gift of negotiation as a skill many employers value.

#3. Expertly juggling several group texts at once.


Source: Yahoo News

This talent makes you well-suited to a role requiring massive multitasking skills.

#4. Joining a lot of on-campus organizations.



Time spent in campus clubs can be a resume plus because it builds up your public relations and organizational skills, as well as community building experience, among other things.

#5. Splitting the bill.


If you happen to be the go-to bill splitter consultant among your friends, this only points out your expertise at crunching numbers.

#6. Crafting your image.


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All that time spent curating your social media posts and timeline to make it appear you have a specific persona will help you establish your professional presence and build credibility with potential clients.

#7. The ultimate gamer.


Being a gamer doesn’t mean you’re a slouch. All that mental gymnastics involved in solving logic puzzles in video games can be channeled into a creative problem-solving skillset in your post-college career.

#8. Being an empathetic listener.


If you are the go-to person for your friends’ sob stories and other dilemmas, you can use your objective empathetic skills to resolve emotional workplace scenarios.

#9. A maverick questioning the status quo

Sometimes a whole slew of innovative ideas begin from a person thinking outside the box. While it’s best to do so within reason, considering other possibilities besides an established practice is a skill a lot of startup companies value.

#10. Following your culinary instincts.


Source: iStock

If you are the type to improve on existing recipes, this shows how much of a bonus you are to employers when you think fast on your feet.

#11. Unending patience.


Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most overlooked skills, but knowing when to slow down, take a deep breath, and look at the big picture is equally important as riding the momentum of a fast-paced project.

Which of these life skills can you call to the fore?

H/T: Buzzfeed


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