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Her Brother Made Her Do This. I Peed My Pants Laughing!





To those who grew up with a brother, times must be crazy but fun nonetheless. I can only imagine the things brothers would want their sisters to do. How about those silly little fights we used to have when we were little? That no matter how mad we were, we’ll make up for it and be friends again. Often times, brothers will take it to their advantage because they know we can’t be mad at them for too long.

A very obvious and hilarious example will be this video of a woman with her brother in Myrtle Beach Sling Shot thrill ride. If you’re not familiar with the Sling Shot, its a “catapult bungee” that uses cable and spring device that can propel riders 150 meters high at speeds of 160 km per hour. It can go as high as the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. It is by far one of the most extreme rides and mind-numbing at that.

Obviously, the sister isn’t so happy about this ride but being a good sport that she is, she decided to take the challenge. Even before they started, she keeps on telling her brother that she will never forgive him for making her do such thing and Roger, the brother, just kept quiet with that big smile on his face.

More hilarious moments were captured as they were propelled into the air.

Watch the hilarious video:

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