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Crazy Passenger Arrested After Trying To Open Plane Door At 33,000ft





Some passengers are either too inconsiderate or plainly too insane to be allowed to ride a plane.

Case in point, a woman on board a British Airways flight from London en route to the United States tried to do something crazy. Like forcibly opening the exit door while the aircraft was already at 33,000 ft.

I know that sounds terrifying but that’s exactly what happened on British Airways Flight 213, a Boeing 747 plane. The woman rushed to the door and attempted to turn its handle which immediately prompted crew members and passengers to hold her down.

Kamila Dolniak was arrested after forcibly trying to open the plane door at 33,000ft.

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Photo credit: WPRI

The incident raised a level 2 alert and the plane eventually had to make an emergency landing at the Logan Airport in Boston to have the female passenger arrested by the police. According to reports, the woman appeared to be intoxicated and so far, investigations say that she has no links to terrorism whatsoever. Her name was later identified as Kamila Dolniak, a Polish citizen. To her defense, her lawyer said she took sleep medication and “does not remember her alleged actions on the flight.”

Watch the video report here:

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In a statement released by the British Airways, their spokesman said:

“A disturbed and unruly passenger tried to force one of the doors on the plane, but not the cockpit door.

Our customers and crew deserve to have a safe and enjoyable flight and we do not tolerate abusive behaviour.

Our crew requested that police meet the flight in Boston due to an unruly customer on board.”

Security in the United States airports and aircrafts have recently been tighter following the tragic Paris attacks.


H/T: Mirror

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