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This Teen Gamer Is Making Thousands of Money On Minecraft

Brandon Relph is probably earning bigger than you do.

Mark Andrew





A young gamer from Eastbourne, East Sussex in South East England is earning big bucks from popular video game Minecraft. Believe it or not, teen Brandon Relph has become rich enough to hire 23 other individuals scattered across 12 countries. Along with his partner Florian, a boy from Germany, Brandon founded a company named goCreative in February 2014.

Together, they handle projects from their clients – mostly companies who want to advertise their services or products in Minecraft. These companies are more than happy to throw their money on goCreative because of the brilliant results they produce.

Coding and Minecraft expert Brandon Relph started when he was around 10 or 11 years old.

brandon-relph-minecraft-entrepreneur 1

Photo credit: Brandon Relph

Brandon recalled:

“I started coding when I was about 10 or 11. I was first introduced to Minecraft when I was about 10 or 11 too. It cost me £10. That was the best £10 I have ever spent.”

Eventually, he was able to make money from the sandbox video game.

“When I was younger, I said I wanted to make just £1 in one year. The next year I increased that to £10, £100 and so on. My aim now was to make £10,000 by my 16th birthday and I am already there with that one.”

Later on, he started to make money from both.

brandon-relph-minecraft-entrepreneur 2

Photo credit: Brandon Relph

Despite being busy running a business, Brandon makes it a point that his studies are not compromised in any way. In fact, he always finds time for his homework. Plus he is aiming for A grades in math, computer science, and physics. He hopes to pursue higher education later on in either Oxford or Cambridge universities.

Despite his fortune, Brandon stays focused with his studies, finishing his homework daily.

brandon-relph-minecraft-entrepreneur 3

Photo credit: Brandon Relph

As for goCreative, he and his partner are taking further steps to stabilize their success.

Brandon confessed:

“The income from the company is considerable.”

He, however, was quick to add:

“At the moment Florian and I are reinvesting. We both live with our parents and we don’t really need to take much of an income from the business.”

The duo is hoping that through that, the business will continue to grow and generate bigger earnings.


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Hilarious Illustrations Accurately Depicts What it’s Like to be a Mother

MOMS Check out these amusing photos of everyday motherhood problems! You will surely see yourself in it and would definitely love it! This is worth SHARING to all moms out there!

Kris Evangelista



What do you think about when you hear the word motherhood? Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings a woman can receive. Motherhood equates to unconditional love. This is one of the most difficult professions in the world because it comes along with great responsibilities. Raising babies and children can test the patience of parents, it can also be challenging but at the same time, they give so much happiness that makes every effort worth it.

Motherhood is love and joy. It is when you are able to learn more things, like being strong for the children and being able to do something you never thought is possible. Parenthood is how you love through the ups and down, and the love you give lasts a lifetime from birth to eternity. It is something you choose and love despite the challenges life brings, a treasure you will forever cherish.

Below are illustrations from Natalia Sabransky, she is from Argentina. Natalia is a wife and a new mother. Her husband is Gaston and his son is named Santiago. She posted her illustrations in her website Mama Ilustrada because she wanted other moms to relate about everyday motherhood experiences and make mothers feel that they are not alone. The characters in her drawings are played by her, his husband and son. Natalia Sabransky wants to encourage moms about their role and let them see themselves in her illustrations.

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People Built Shrine, Held Funeral for Dead Cockroach Someone Forgot to Clean Up

Who knew a cockroach can induce unity and love too? Or was it just the Anthropology department’s social experiment?

Mika Castro



Normally, most of us would scamper away in fear, shriek our hearts out or go into genocide mode when we see a cockroach. These critters have earned such disdain and disgust from us humans, that who would actually give a dead cockroach a funeral right? Well apparently, the Anthropology department and a couple of students from Texas A&M University.

On December 3, Associate Professor Michael Alvard of the university's Anthropology department came across a dead cockroach by the stairwell. The dead roach was even named "Rosie Roach" and was given a little tombstone. Alvard snapped a pic and posted in his Facebook with the words,

“There has been a dead cockroach in the anthropology building’s stairwell for at least two weeks. Some enterprising person has now made her a little shrine,”

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Philippines Wins Miss Universe After Steve Harvey Announced the Wrong Winner

Host announces wrong Miss Universe winner. Pageant mistakenly crowns wrong contestant.

Kris Evangelista



First Runner up Ariadna Gutierrez was first announced as winner by the host Steve Harvey. Just when Gutierrez was savouring her glory; smiling and waving to the crowd, Harvey quickly interrupted and apologized for his mistake.

Pia Wurtzbach was surprised and shocked when a correction was made by the host and announced Philippines as the true Miss Universe 2015. This awkward moment stole the show while the crowd was puzzled and in deep shock about Harvey’s terrible mistake.

“Listen, folks. Let me just take control over this. This is exactly what’s on the card. I will take responsibility for this. It was my mistake.” Harvey told the crowd.

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