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He Started Off Building Imaginary House in Minecraft, Now He Got $4.5 Million House

The 23 year old Youtube star accumulated his wealthy by uploading videos of him playing “Minecraft.”

Mika Castro





Gone are the times when our parents say there is no future in gaming. Those sleepless nights spent leveling up, no-lifing and mining items and gold coins, may actually just turn to cold hard cash.

If you’re lucky you just might end up like CaptainSparklez or Jordan Maron in real life, the famed Minecraft Youtuber, who just recently bought his very own $4.5 million house in Hollywood Hills.

Jordan Maron, the 23 year old YouTube sensation, bought the massive hilltop mansion in Hollywood Hills for $4.5 million.


Yes you read that right, a $4.5 million dollar property in one of the prime locations in the country bought by a young gamer. And no, he is not son to Bill Gates or Warren Buffett with a golden spoon up his uh… mouth. CaptainSparklez is your average 23-year old gamer, until his Minecraft videos on Youtube made him a self-made millionaire with its almost 2 billion views and 8.8 million subscribers.

The 3-story home has plenty of space to host family and friends for an epic gathering.

Sunset Plaza Pad1

Maron’s new property called the Sunset Plaza Pad is a three-storey, 4,100 square feet bachelor’s pad with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It is also equipped with amenities for throwing legendary parties. It has an infinity swimming pool a la Marina Bay Sands, a party-sized spa, a barbecue place at the terrace front, and a wet bar for receiving guests. We sure would love to be invited in parties there in the future!

The Youtube sensation’s home has three bedrooms.


Included in the master suite is a see-through fireplace.


The property is also aptly named Sunset Plaza Pad, since the LA skyline view it offers is just truly breathtaking. It offers an unmarred view of the sky and the Pacific Ocean, overlooking downtown Los Angeles with its one-way floor-to-ceiling glass sliders. Well just see for yourself how lovely Maron’s new luxury house is in the photos below.

It has a party-sized spa and infinity swimming pool on the lower level terrace.

Sunset Plaza Pad2

To the infinity pool… and beyond!


The kitchen is sleek and contemporary.


A dining room is spacious enough to entertain guests.


Cozy living room in modern tones and style

Sunset Plaza Pad 3

The master bath has a standalone tub and a large shower.


It even boasts an amazing panoramic views!


Look at the size of that closet.


An outdoor Jacuzzi and grill. Perfect for barbecue party!


The bar inside is always ready for a party too.


Outside, a small table is situated next to a cozy outdoor fireplace.


Jordan Maron racked up more than 8.8 million subscribers and gained nearly 1.9 billion views to his Youtube channel, which features videos of him playing Minecraft.


Maron’s story is surely inspirational for all aspiring gamers, looking to earn some moolah while doing the things we love which is gaming. But Maron is one of the few, for us average no-lifers we might need to take off the couch for a while to buy ourselves more pizza and soda while building our Minecraft dream house. 🙂


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