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84-Year-Old Man Learns To Do His Wife’s Makeup After She Starts Going Blind

The heartwarming story of an elderly gentleman taking makeup lessons is creating quite a sensation on the internet.

Makeup tutorials are certainly one of the most-watched contents on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. Teens and tweens spend countless hours learning how to do their makeup through videos on some of the popular social media platforms. However, one elderly man’s sudden interest in learning how to apply makeup has a much deeper meaning behind it.

Des has taken up makeup classes so he would know how to apply it correctly for his wife. Mona started to lose her vision in her 80s and her husband made sure that she will still feel like a million bucks by doing her makeup for her.

Knowing that his wife enjoys wearing makeup, the 84-year-old man demonstrated the true beauty of marriage with a heartwarming gesture.

Source: BBC News
When Mona could no longer apply makeup, Des stepped in to make sure that she could still feel fabulous.

Source: BBC News

It all started when Des and Mona, who have been married for 56 years, went to attend a big party and the latter wanted to apply makeup but failed to do so due to her failing vision.

The couple then decided to have Mona’s makeup done by a beautician.

Source: BBC News
While makeup artist Rosie started to do her magic on Mona, Des tried to lend a hand.

Source: BBC News

The beautician described the 84-year-old man as someone who is a “natural” in applying makeup, and his talents grew from there.

Des has taken up make-up classes so that Mona can still look and feel her best.

Source: BBC News
Des and Mona’s love story even reached Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic.

Source: BBC News
Des and Mona's story simply demonstrates the true beauty of marriage.

Source: BBC News

Although there’s nothing wrong with enhancing one’s beauty through makeup, especially if it will help bring out person’s confidence, Des and Mona believe that “less is more.” Mona then pointed out: “He thinks I’m lovely the way I am.”


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