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The Boyfriend Pillow Feels Like a Man to Cuddle With And Has No Dramas





Being single is great for those who relish their freedom. But not being part of a couple has also its downsides, one of which is not having anyone to cuddle with on the couch and in bed. Now if all you need is a comfy “body” to hold even without the warmth and conversation, here’s the perfect gift of you -the Boyfriend Pillow.

This pillow is shaped like a real person with a strong but soft arm that you can wrap or drape around yourself.

You can buy this on Amazon at a very affordable price.

Source: Amazon

Amazon sure does know how to sell it. The description says it all:

“Don’t you or someone you know want to feel loved? The secret to beating the loneliness…spray a mist of your loved one’s favorite cologne, lay back, dream and let the memories flood in?”

This pillow is shaped like a real person with a strong but soft arm that you can wrap or drape around yourself.

Source: Amazon

“This superior quality man pillow is as strong and durable as its name would imply; and unlike a fake boyfriend pillow or other novelty gift, this sturdy and well-crafted pillow won’t fall apart or disintegrate after a few uses. Far from being a basic gag gift pillow, this is actually a true and genuine comfortable pillow; a top-quality bed pillow that will help you get a better night’s sleep.”

“The ultimate cuddle pillow, the Boyfriend Body Pillow is akin to a virtual hug pillow; a thick, ultra-soft fluffy friend culled from pure cotton, that even comes complete with an extended arm like a virtual real man. This is the perfect comfort pillow. Lose yourself in a warm, wonderful embrace of a pillow; one never too weary to cuddle and comfort you.”

You would think that “What kind of person needs a pillow like that?” but hey, we say don’t knock it till you tried it.

Source: Amazon

Judging from the positive reviews online, it looks like the Boyfriend Pillow has become a hit.

I mean, imagine those nights that you’re at home, with no one to watch Netflix with. You may be okay with having the popcorn all to yourself, but it would be nice to have someone to “cuddle” with while you’re bingeing on Game of Thrones, right?

Worse, when you’re in bed and you’re all alone. Nothing beats a warm body to hold, but it’s better than nothing, right? The pillow can somehow lessen the crushing feeling of being alone in bed.

It’s supposed to help with your overall wellness.

“The ultimate arm pillow boyfriend is far more than just cute and comfy; it’s healthful and beneficial as well. This cotton fiber feather-free pillow does not trigger or aggravate allergies. In addition, its ultra soft cover, which takes the form of a striking light azure T-shirt, won’t itch or irritate your skin.”

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