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Boston Dynamics Releases Video of Sleigh-Pulling Robots. Seriously, They’re Kinda Creepy!

Not really sure if it would be fun to ride on this sleigh…

Mark Andrew





This video below simply gives me the creeps.

Frankly, it looks like a post-apocalyptic Christmas scenario to me. Santa Claus has been replaced by a woman and the reindeer on the sleigh are, well, not animals but robots.

And they’re pretty scary, to say the least.

Boston Dynamics, a robotics company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, shared this video on their official YouTube channel. It quickly racked 1.5 million views in just 2 days (the video was uploaded just last December 22, 2015).

The mechanical animals featured here are the Spot bots, a sibling of the company’s popular BigDog. They are incredibly fast and agile but they’re still terrifying to look at.

Watch the robotic sleigh in action here:

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My only question here is this: Have these guys never seen Terminator 2? Or maybe Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Well, let’s cross our fingers that they do not build a robot Santa Claus soon. Surely, that wouldn’t end well.

In any case, Merry Christmas to everyone!


H/T: Gizmodo

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This Video Shows That Being A Robot Can Be Tough At Boston Dynamics

Kicked, shoved, and hit by wrecking balls. Robots here are living the hard life!

Mark Andrew



If you are a robot enthusiast, a trip at the popular Boston Dynamics may be the best thing ever.

In Boston Dynamics, you’ll see a lot of fascinating robotic inventions that look like they came straight from science fiction films.

First off, the company is well-known for the BigDog, a quadruped robot designed primarily for the United States Army and funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Another of their famous invention is the DI-Guy, a software for realistic human simulation.

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Prankster Dressed as Muslim Throws Bag at People in this Terrifying Bomb Prank

A man wearing traditional Muslim attire throws a bag at the people he comes across in this preposterous prank.

Ann Moises



This year has been difficult for many people. Terrorist attacks have left many traumatized victims and the people who have lost their loved ones are still mostly grieving. In fact, the entire world mourned and an innumerable number of people who empathized with the casualties developed hatred towards the Muslims and everything they stand for.

Consequently, innocent, peace-loving Muslims were dragged into the chaos. Some haters threatened the lives of some of them because they are scared; they think every Middle Eastern man and woman are with the infamous ISIS.

Then this happens.

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This Trick-or-Treating Mom Will Surely be in Santa’s Naughty List This Year!

A hidden camera shows a mother and her kids hoarding all those trick-or-treat candy! Not nice!

Mika Castro



Trick-or-treat has been a widespread and well-loved Halloween tradition. Kids and parents alike really get into the mood by dressing up, or preparing what they shall give away as treats. Some families opt to just leave the goods in front of their houses, up for grabs by the trick-or-treat'ers. While some teenagers can be notoriously selfish by candy-hoarding, it can be pardonable. After all, kids and their sweet tooth right? But what if it is a grown-up woman, a presumed mother of the kids in fact, who hoards all the candy?

That is what happened in this footage below taken via CCTV. YouTuber InternetLasers shared the video on Halloween with the description, "Away from home, we left full-sized candy bars outside with a note, 'Help yourself but be considerate!'". But it seems that the mother in the captured video do not have a sense what "considerate" means.

Watch the cringe-worthy candy hoarding moment by a mother here

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