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This Video Shows That Being A Robot Can Be Tough At Boston Dynamics





If you are a robot enthusiast, a trip at the popular Boston Dynamics may be the best thing ever.

In Boston Dynamics, you’ll see a lot of fascinating robotic inventions that look like they came straight from science fiction films.

First off, the company is well-known for the BigDog, a quadruped robot designed primarily for the United States Army and funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Another of their famous invention is the DI-Guy, a software for realistic human simulation.

As you can probably picture, the engineering and robotics design company is a real playground and paradise for anyone who loves machines. One can only imagine that working there can be super exciting – unless, of course, you are a robot.

Testers kick and shove the robots to test their strength and reaction.

boston-dynamics-robot featured

Photo credit: Boston Dynamics

As you can see on the video below, robots there are pushed, shoved, and hit by wrecking balls in order to test their stability and durability.

Some robot models are even hit by wrecking balls.

boston-dynamics-robot 3

Photo credit: Boston Dynamics
You can watch the video here:

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This footage allows us to have an insider’s look on what’s going on inside the Cambridge, Massachussetts-based tech center and it’s extremely interesting.

Do you know what would be funny though? I imagine it would actually be hilarious if some animal rights activists protest against Boston Dynamics’ practice since some of the bots are really realistic-looking.


H/T: Popular Mechanics

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