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Blind Mom-to-Be Gets The Chance To “See” What Her Baby Looks Like





With the help of ultrasound technology, expectant mommies can see what their babies look like even before they give birth. Imagine a mom-to-be’s joy when she sees her baby’s image for the first time.

But what if the expectant mother is blind? Is she doomed not to enjoy the indescribable elation of seeing her baby live and breathe in her womb? Not with the help of 3D technology and a little help from Huggies.

This touching video is about mom-to-be Tatiana, who was blind since she was 17. She is counting the days until her little miracle Murilo is born. She visited her doctor for an ultrasound and she asked him what her baby looks like. The doctor asked her if she would be able to tell what her son looks like if she can touch him. Tatiana said yes and the doctor gave her something that brought tears to her eyes. Her reaction says it all.

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This heartwarming story is a reminder of the joys of motherhood and that blind women like Tatiana should not be deprived of the happiness of “seeing” their babies for the first time during ultrasound visits. Kudos to her doctor and Huggies Brasil for giving Tatiana an experience she will never forget for the rest of her life.

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