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Talented Dog Performs To Help Teen Raise Money For Family




  • Netizens have fallen in love with a wonder dog from Manila named Blackjack.
  • The canine is a street performer who loves dancing and mathematics.
  • Blackjack helps earn money for 18-year-old Aquino Redeloza and his family.

Among all the animals in the world, only dogs have appropriately earned the nickname ‘man’s best friend.’ And let’s face it: they definitely deserve it.

They’re always loyal and ever cheerful, plus many of them have even proven that they won’t think twice about sacrificing their own lives for us, their masters. For these reasons and more, we can’t help but love and treat them as our own family members.

Meet Blackjack, a talented dog who loves dancing, doing dog tricks – and mathematics!

In a feature by South China Morning Post, we learn that the adorable dog can dance, do tricks, pose for pictures, and even solve basic math problems. It’s really impressive!

Moreover, the video also tells us that the smart canine does it to help earn money for his young owner Aquino Redeloza who rescued the animal when he was small.

For Aquino Redeloza, 18, Blackjack is more than a pet – he’s family.

According to Aquino, Blackjack has been his constant companion since then. And he began training him when he was just 8 months of age. Now the pair performs in the streets of Manila, much to the delight and amazement of curious passersby.

They earn about Php 300 to Php 600 everyday, which goes to the family’s daily needs and for Aquino’s schooling. When the performance is done, the dog sleeps with them at night in their Baseco, Port Area home.

The youngest of 9 siblings, Aquino dreams of becoming a veterinarian someday so he can help poor animals.

The heartwarming story of the inseparable duo has touched numerous netizens and has since gone viral on social media, with many praising both the dog and Aquino for how they take care of each other.

Watch the video feature here:

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