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Rider Captures Mysterious Light Beam Moving in the Sky Just Before a Storm





As much as oddity and mystery titillate our hunger for curiosity, the question still remains the same: How real are they?

With so many sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFO) ever recorded, the fact that they remain unresolved and their roots not completely sourced out, their true existence remain a puzzle.

As this man took a road trip with his bike, little did he know that his little adventure will be more colorful as he noticed this strange lights in the sky over Greenwood, Indiana. Although the extravagant rays of the sun greeted him, wait until you witness 0:04 seconds of this video clip. Notice that the ultimate beam of light suddenly moved!

As he continued to record this amazing yet alarming light movement, one cannot help but wonder where the light was really coming from. As alienated sightings and discoveries continue to unravel, one cannot help but wonder if this could be another sign of the Armageddon or just mainly a product of human imagination.

Watch the video:

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Credits: QuadeM13

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