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Rider Captures Mysterious Light Beam Moving in the Sky Just Before a Storm

What in the world is this?

Bernadette Carillo





As much as oddity and mystery titillate our hunger for curiosity, the question still remains the same: How real are they?

With so many sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFO) ever recorded, the fact that they remain unresolved and their roots not completely sourced out, their true existence remain a puzzle.

As this man took a road trip with his bike, little did he know that his little adventure will be more colorful as he noticed this strange lights in the sky over Greenwood, Indiana. Although the extravagant rays of the sun greeted him, wait until you witness 0:04 seconds of this video clip. Notice that the ultimate beam of light suddenly moved!

As he continued to record this amazing yet alarming light movement, one cannot help but wonder where the light was really coming from. As alienated sightings and discoveries continue to unravel, one cannot help but wonder if this could be another sign of the Armageddon or just mainly a product of human imagination.

Watch the video:

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Credits: QuadeM13

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Pranksters Convince Their Friend He’s Been in a Coma For 10 Years to Teach Him a Lesson

Real friends are usually hard to find. As they say, they are the real gems in disguise of a pebble. Thank goodness he found real friends that did the impossible.

Bernadette Carillo



Real friends are usually hard to find. As they say, they are the real gems in disguise of a pebble. However, what makes them truly special is not just the rare chance of finding them but that specific element of friendship that makes your relationship with them standout—they love you and they will care about you no matter what.

This is what happened when Ray’s trusted friends decided to prank him for being so clingy with alcohol despite walking in and out of jail several times with the same reason—drinking and driving. Spearheaded by Tom Mabe, he and his accomplices dropped the bomb with the hopes of emphasizing the possibility of losing life just because of an irresponsible act.

Preventing him to be jailed on the sixth time, Ray’s friends intentionally waited for him to pass out so they can transport him to the “hospital room”. As Ray gained consciousness and realized where he was, a pretentious nurse came into the picture and did the usual routine for a patient who has gone through a comma. What made the incident more awesome is after being told that he was asleep for almost a decade!

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Shocking Images of People Living in Extremely Tiny Rooms in Japan

These womb-like rooms will keep you guessing how guests manage to live here.

Mini Malabanan



Japan, a country known for coming up with equally unique and strange inventions and innovations, has capsule hotels. These tiny hotels have attracted many travellers and certainly captured the interest of people from all over the world. But there’s a one-of-a-kind guesthouse in Japan that will make guests make use of every space it has to offer.

In Won Kim’s photo series “Enclosed : Living Small”, the photographer captured shocking photos of a hidden guesthouse intended for backpackers in Tokyo. Unlike rooms in capsule hotels, there are no windows, no space to stand up, and a curtain is used instead of a door in these rooms. The whole hotel is so compact that it's located on a single floor of an office building.

Kim had the opportunity to live inside the extremely small headquarters while backpacking in Japan. Two years after his memorable stay in the tiny guesthouse, Kim decided to return and live there for several months in order to photograph the incredibly tiny rooms which many residents consider their home.

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Model Has Insanely 45-Inches Long Legs as Tall as an Average 7-Year-Old Girl in China.

Model from China become an internet sensation because of her astounding figure and insanely 45-inches long legs.

Jessa Ventures



It's probably every short girl's dream to be tall and show off that beautiful, sexy and long pair of legs. While it seems like a distant fantasy for any of us, this 20-year-old Chinese model is luckily living that in reality.

Dong Lei who hails from China is not your average girl. Aside from from her pretty face, she recently become an internet celebrity because of her insanely long legs. Lei who stands at 5-feet, 11-inches tall is probably not the tallest among her fellow runway models but the most striking fact about her is her incredibly 45-inches long legs--about the same height as an average 7-year-old kid in China. Wow!

When asked about her internet fame, Lei said,

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