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People From Different Countries Have Been Hearing An Eerie Noise Coming From the Sky!

It sounded like a loud trumpet — the one usually described in the bible, which indicates the start of the apocalypse.


What do you think happened to all he people who got lost in the Bermuda triangle? Why did they really build the Stonehenge? What exactly happened to the Mayan civilization? Are UFOs real? Where do you think the garden of Eden is located? These are just some of the world’s mysteries that have yet to be deciphered.

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Since then, most of us have been fascinated with the strange and the unexplained events that happen around us. There’s just something about these mind-boggling occurrences that tickle our imagination  and make us want to figure it out somehow. Take for instance the video below.

It is a compilation of short footages taken from different countries around the globe where people heard a strange noise that seemed to have come from the sky. It sounded much like a loud siren; the kind we usually hear in movies when an impending doom is about to happen. In some clips, the sound seemed to resemble an extremely loud howl coming from a hurt animal. Whatever the apocalyptic sound is, it’s quite creepy and where it exactly came from, no explanation have surfaced so far.


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The strange noises were heard again in Kiev:

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Some people have become skeptical after the video went viral as some claim that the some of the clips have been fabricated already. How about you? What do you think?


Doctors Discover ‘Evil’ Twin Inside Woman’s Brain, Complete with Bone, Hair, and Teeth.

Surgeons found bones, teeth, and hair in her brain.

Yamini Karanam is a 26-year-old PhD student who originally hailed from Hyderabad, India but moved to Indianapolis to study computer science.

There were times when she'd fall asleep for 14 days straight and she'd experience difficulties in listening and comprehension. Fatigue and headaches started to manifest and her performance at work was also affected. These symptoms drove her to seek medical attention last September.


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Woman Who Sold House and Offered Herself as Part of the Package Has Found A Buyer.

House, lot, and wife for sale – SOLD!

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Jordanian Gynecologist Left His Mobile Phone Inside Patient’s Abdomen After a C-Section!

New mother realized a mobile phone was left inside her when her stomach began VIBRATING.

"I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice." - An excerpt from the Hippocratic Oath

Doctors and nurses understand that it's not easy for anyone to just take medicines, expose their naked bodies, and simply entrust their lives to strangers. That is why trust is one of the most vital elements that should be established between healthcare providers and the patients themselves. Patients should be confident that their doctors will never deliberately harm them in any way.

The healthcare staff's competence, knowledge, and behaviour are as equally important, particularly if a patient has to undergo a major surgery. Imagine being completely oblivious of what's happening inside the operating room (OR), and what the surgeons and nurses are doing to you. Imagine what might happen then if you're in the hands of negligent, irresponsible, and incompetent people...

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