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Biker Gang Rescues Animals From Cruel Owners And Destroys Dog Fight Rings

When we think about biker gangs, we usually connect them with violence, danger, and war freaks. As it turns out, the bikers gangs that we see on TV and films are far from reality.

In fact, despite having a tough exterior, most biker gangs have a big heart and good intention. Just take these bikers from Rescue Ink, for example. Although they are tattooed, massive, and look as hard as nails, they turn gooey at the sight of abused animals.

Rescue Ink is a non-profit organization who fights for animal rights. All volunteers, the team members are bikers, bodybuilders, former military personnel, police detectives, and even lawyers.

Thanks to their intimidating looks and bulging muscles, they’ve become specialists at paying visits to violent, cruel pet owners and “convincing” them to hand over their neglected charges. Most of the time, the bikers get their way, and the pets get rescued.

Of course, the group of rescuers from Long Island, New York, operate fully within the boundaries of the law.

The organization was wholly dependent on donations, but they eventually had their own reality TV show.

Rescue Ink said:

“Some people like to think of us as superheroes. The truth is, we are super animal lovers (and protectors). Through the years, and through many caseloads, obstacles, and downright challenges, we remain strong and dedicated to our mission.”

The hardcore animal lovers get calls on a daily basis and deal with the most heinous situations first. They start by investigating the alleged animal abuse cases.

They have encountered dog fighting organizers, breeders, a perpetrator who tried to poison homeless cats near his home, and even a serial cat killer from out of state.

During the years of their activity, they saved a lot of dogs, cats, horses, chickens, pigs, and fish. And once, they even saved a 5-feet boa constrictor.

Sometimes, pet owners themselves are facing difficult life situations and the bikers step in to lend a hand. They may pitch in to buy groceries for a household with no food in the cupboards, or they may build a doghouse if need be, or help in some other way.

Mr. Missari, a member of the team, said:

“We specialize in getting the abuser away from the dog. We truly work with the abuser. We go to a house; if it’s really cold out, we see two dogs in the back, we build them a doghouse.”

If they come across non-animal-abuse-related criminals, they don’t get involved; they call the police.


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