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People Are Baffled By The Sudden Appearance Of These Giant Snowballs On A Siberian Beach

It turns out it was a result of a rare environmental phenomenon, experts said.

Mark Andrew





Locals were recently surprised to find huge snowballs on a beach in northwest Siberia. A report by BBC News tells us that the “11-mile (18km) stretch of coast was covered in the icy spheres.”

The snowballs differed in sizes with some almost the same size as tennis balls while others measured almost 3 feet across.

Experts said that the balls were a result of a rare environmental occurrence where tiny pieces of ice were rolled by wind and water. People from the village of Nyda claim they have never seen anything similar to it before.

Residents were baffled by the sudden appearance of giant snowballs on a beach in northwest Siberia.


Sergei Lisenkov, press secretary of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, was quoted by the Russian TV to explain the phenomenon.

Lisenkov said:

“As a rule, first there is a primary natural phenomenon – sludge ice, slob ice. Then comes a combination of the effects of the wind, the lay of the coastline, and the temperature and wind conditions.

“It can be such an original combination that it results in the formation of balls like these.”

The icy spheres measured from the size of a tennis ball up to 3 feet across.


Meanwhile, the website said that similar formations were seen in the Gulf of Finland last December 2014 and on Lake Michigan in December 2015.

Some joked that the peninsula will soon be “invaded by hatched dinosaurs!”


Photos of the snowballs captured the attention of netizens not only in Russia but across the world. Many were amazed but some also took the time to poke fun on it as well.

TJournal news reader “Anton Antonov,” for instance, jokingly wrote:

“Soon the peninsula will be invaded by hatched snowsaurs!”

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Italian Priest Blames Earthquakes on Gay Unions as “Divine Punishment”

According to Fr Giovanni Cavalcoli, the recent quakes that rocked Italy were “divine punishment” for gay civil union.

Mark Andrew



An Italian priest has earned the anger not only of the gay community but the Vatican itself. This is after the priest declared that the recent earthquakes that rocked the country and claimed hundreds of lives were “divine punishment” for gay civil unions.

Fr Giovanni Cavalcoli, an Italian priest, said that the recent earthquakes in the country were "divine punishment" for gay civil unions.


Source: Inhabitat

Fr Giovanni Cavalcoli, the priest, made the claim when central Italy was hit by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake – the worst one experienced by the country for the past 36 years. He said the controversial comment via Radio Maria pointing out that the quakes were “divine punishment” for “the offence to the family and the dignity of marriage, in particular through civil unions”.

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Everyone Is Shocked By This Giant Spider In Australia! It’s As Big As A Small Dog!

An animal rescue farm in Australia’s Brisbane Valley got everyone all worked up when they showed a picture of a giant huntsman spider that was as big as a small dog.

Faye Williams



People freaked out when an animal rescue farm in Brisbane Valley, Australia posted a photo of one of the animals on the premises. The giant huntsman spider was as big as a small dog!

The name of the spider is Charlotte.

The name of the spider is Charlotte.

Barnyard Betty's Rescue is a refuge for abandoned and abused animals in Queensland, Australia. The animal rescue center got a lot of online attention after photos of the giant huntsman spider were uploaded on its Facebook page.

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Samsung Recalls 2.8 Million Washing Machines After Incidents Of Explosions

What’s up with Samsung and their exploding products lately?

Mark Andrew



Samsung has been the butt of jokes in social media because of the fiasco with the exploding Galaxy Note 7. We've seen all the funny memes online.

Recently, however, the company is once again facing another disaster which has led to the recall of a massive 2.8 million units of top-loading washing machines. The problem? They were, uhm, exploding.

In a report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) aired on Good Morning America, we learn that 730 Samsung washer units exploded and resulted to injuries of nine individuals. Eventually, the company decided to recall the units.

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