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Take A Look Inside The $50 Million Airbnb Home Beyoncé Used During The Super Bowl

Airbnb for Queen Bey, why not? But only if its a $50 million property…

Dondi Tiples





We all know Beyoncé killed the Super Bowl 50 half-time show with her new single “Formation.” But do you know Queen Bey is a smart traveler?

Who knew the ultra-famous superstar isn’t too picky about doing what us, ordinary mortals, would do ourselves.

The multi-millionaire singer, songwriter and multi-Grammy-award winner opted to stay in an Airbnb rental in the Los Altos Hills in California instead of booking a five-star hotel for her performance at the NFL finals.

She slays!

020916 beyonce 1

Source: CBS

But it wasn’t any ordinary Airbnb home the “Crazy in Love” performer settled on for her and her family’s stay. The Queen B rented a $50 million 12-acre mansion with a $10,000-a-night listing.

The property boasts of five massive bedrooms, eight baths, an infinity pool, a fitness center and spa, and stunning views of the city.

The see-through bath…

020916 beyonce 2

The sprawling living room…

020916 beyonce 3

And a view to die for…

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Smart businesswoman that she is, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter was able to shave off further savings from the $10,000-a-night rental by tagging Airbnb and the property listing on her social media accounts.

She also included drool-worthy photos of the property, as well as her glorious self all cozied up in a fluffy bathrobe and hamming it for the camera.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

A rep from the accommodations company gushed that Airbnb was a big fan of Beyoncé, and they were thrilled over her online promotion of the company as well as the listing.

We can’t all be as insanely talented as Queen Bey, or as enterprising as this woman who traveled the world for free, but we sure can take some valuable pointers about how to save big-time on travel expenses.

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She's totally not digging the PDA...

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