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Idaho Couple Builds the Perfect Airbnb Rental for Dog Lovers

It’s the perfect place for you and your furry companion!

  • Looking for a unique experience for you and your dog? There’s an amazing Airbnb for humans and canines in Idaho.
  • The stunning beagle-shaped home was built by two artists who love dogs.
  • In addition to its unique shape, the bed & breakfast is filled with doggy-inspired artwork and goodies that your puppy will love.

Are you planning to take your dog out for a trip to Idaho? Airbnb has the perfect place for you and your pooch. There’s an awesome bed & breakfast that welcomes pets of all sizes. The best thing about it is it’s shaped like a beagle.

The Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast is an eye-catching fixture in Cottonwood, Idaho that also serves as comfortable accommodations for humans and dogs alike. The two-story home is lovingly called the Beagle and it doesn’t just show the love for dogs on the outside. The interior is filled with adorable dog-inspired artworks and goodies.

Welcome to the Beagle, an awesome place for you and your beloved dog.

The Beagle is the brainchild of artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin who decided to put up the bed & breakfast back in 1997. Most of their artwork and wood carvings can be found in the “dog house.” In addition to the canine woodworks, you can also try the dog-shaped cookies.

Staying in the Dog Bark Park Inn is set to be an amazing experience for humans and their dogs. You can spend the evening stargazing with your furry friend or visit the nearby attractions around Cottonwood. Either way, the Beagle will guarantee a cozy home away from home for everyone.

Ready to stay in the “dog house?” You can rent the Dog Bark Park Inn for $132 per night. This will allow up to four guests and their furry companions to stay in the two rooms in the home. The Beagle will guarantee that your trip to Idaho will be a truly unique one.


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