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11 One-of-a-Kind Airbnbs Across The United States





Airbnb is the thing for travelers nowadays. You can save a lot of hard-earned dollars, and it is a better alternative for a dreary night at a hotel room.

It is a refreshing way to explore new destinations. But what’s cooler is that many Airbnbs offer unique spaces with the most creative interiors you will ever experience. Let us show you the 11 of the most unique Airbnbs in the US:

1. Secluded Treehouse – Atlanta, Georgia

Source: AirBnB

You can relax under the stars and live out your fairytale dreams in this treehouse complete with dartboards and hammocks.

2. Malibu Dream Airstream – Malibu, California

Source: AirBnB

Perched on a bluff overlooking the Santa Monica mountain and the Pacific ocean, this stunning Airstream trailer is the location of Taylor Swift’s Vogue photo shoot.

3. Brand New Studio Earthship – Taos, New York

Source: AirBnB

A unique abode that produces its own energy cleans water, and moderates temperature. This self-sustaining Airbnb is residing in Taos, New York.

4. Love Nest with Private Deck – Morongo Valley, California

Source: AirBnB

For people looking for the cowboy-themed vacation, this private room is the perfect place to stay in. Enjoy the company of animals in the barn or simply hike around the trails.

5. Dog Bark Park Inn B&B – Cottonwood, Idaho

Source: AirBnB

A haven for dog lovers, this beagle-shaped inn offers dog-themed adventures.

6. The Hobbit House AKA The Pub – Cambria, California

Source: AirBnB

This super rustic, wooden cabin was built using reclaimed wood, giving it an artistic vibe.

7. Man Cave Apartment – Geneva, Florida

Source: AirBnB

This apartment is located in an active airplane hangar. Different kinds of memorabilia hung from the ceilings and the walls.

8. Underground Hygge – Orondo, Idaho

Source: AirBnB

You can now enter J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe with this “Lord of the Rings” inspired hobbit hole located in Columbia river gorge.

9. 1920s Sheep Wagon – Shirley Basin, Wyoming

Source: AirBnB

This fully-restored sheep wagon will transport you back in history amid the vast 30,000-acre ranch.

10. Grass Roofed Earthen Hobbit Hut – Geyserville, California

Source: AirBnB

Built with Adobe bricks and roof with grass and herbs growing on it, this earthen hut offers modern amenities inside.

11. The Houdini Estate – Los Angeles, California

Source: AirBnB

Relive the Edwardian tradition of the 1900s, complete with hidden tunnels, caves and the tank where Houdini practiced his escapes.

Airbnb has come a long way indeed. From the air bed and breakfast that hosts used to offer in the past, Airbnb has evolved into sophisticated abodes that can rival the best hotels. They have proven that hospitality and a simple act of trust between strangers is a reliable formula for success.

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