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Woman Travels The World For Free By Getting Men to Pay For Dates in Exotic Locations

…and she doesn’t even have to sell her body to get these dates to exotic locations!


If you have wanderlust riding hard on your back, wouldn’t it be grand to simply just quit your job and go see the world with only the shoes on your feet and the clothes on your back?

However, with expensive plane fares and hotel accommodations, sometimes you just have to postpone that dream of traveling until you save enough to see you through to each trip.

One young woman, however, has discovered how to travel the world for free without spending a single dime!

020916 miss travel 1

Monica Lynn was 25 and stuck in a rut in her hometown of Alabama where she felt extremely bored with her adventure-less life. She made a major decision to quit her job as a Merrill Lynch financial adviser, and sought opportunities to make her life a more exciting one.



That’s when she stumbled on Miss Travel, a dating website that matches wealthy single men with prospective partners they can bring on dates to exotic locations around the world.

Kayaking in Mexico

020916 miss travel 2

Monica Lynn took her chance, and two years later, she has traveled to nine countries, and gone on adventures like riding a camel in Dubai, shopping in Hong Kong, and clubbing in Mexico…all funded by dates she met on Miss Travel.

The good thing about her world-wide travels is, she isn’t obliged to sleep with the successful men who take her out on what she calls “dating on steroids.”

Camel trekking in Dubai

020916 miss travel 3

She says Miss Travel dates are just like ordinary dates, except that there’s a lot of travel involved. It all depends on the chemistry, and how her dates behave around her.

Miss Travel attracts wealthy patrons who don’t have enough time to date the conventional way. These clients can afford to travel to various locations, and are looking for partners to enjoy the trip with.

Massage on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

020916 miss travel 4

Monica Lynn has been taken to Barbados, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Italy, and Indonesia on all-expense paid trips that included free accommodations at five-star hotels, meals, drinks, and even gifts of jewelry from her dates.

It helps that she is an attractive brunette with a bikini-worthy body, of course.

Sunset in Barbados

020916 miss travel 5

At present, Monica Lynn is exclusively going out with one of her successful dates, a 28-year-old Italian she felt an instant connection with. To date, they’ve already been on seven holidays together and she hopes this relationship is for the long haul.

Still, if it fizzles out, she says she isn’t going to consider dating the conventional way, admitting Miss Travel has ruined normal dating for her.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa in Dubai

020916 miss travel 6

Want to go see the world for free like Monica Lynn? Sign on to Miss Travel, pronto!

H/T: Oddity Central and Daily Mail


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