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Best Herbs and Foods To Keep Kidneys Healthy





The kidney’s vital role is to remove waste product from the body. Thus, keeping our kidneys healthy is critical. Their principal function is to process blood to remove impurities and extra water. This becomes urine that flows to the bladder.

If toxins are not removed properly, it can build up and may cause kidney stones and high blood pressure. Hence, it is crucial to cleanse our kidney regularly to remove toxin and improve urine & kidney function.

Detoxifying our body, especially the kidney, is simple and easy.

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It does not demand complex tools or costly ingredients. The kidney can cleanse itself, you just need to consume enough water and food with healthy liquids that will help it sift out waste.

Among other liquids, water is always an excellent choice.

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Water helps our kidneys do their job well. Staying hydrated is essential especially if you exercise frequently. Take note that if you have kidney problems, you may not be allowed to take plenty of water, because it may not get rid of extra fluids, your physician will advise you of how much water you can consume.

Moreover, by eating healthy, we are able to ensure that we get all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

If you have a damaged kidney there are restrictions on your diet. You need to consult a physician if you want to eat some fruits or vegetables. Below are recommended fruits and herbs that help to keep kidneys healthy.

Apples, berries, pumpkin seeds, juniper and ginger are high in antioxidants and fiber with anti-inflammatory that can boost kidney function. These help flush out uric acid from the kidney. They also have cleansing characteristics that clean the blood and kidney from the toxin. They are also being used for Urinary Tract Infections.

Lemon juice reduces kidney stone formation. You can add it to your water or drink it moderately during the day.

Watermelon helps expel water and salt from the body as a form of urine.

Dandelion is considered nature’s best diuretics.

Red clover, yarrow and marshmallow root are also diuretic herbs that strengthen the kidneys, clear water retention and encourages urination. They activate the removal of waste and water from the kidney, helps to fight bacteria that cause UTI and helps in treating kidney stones and bladder infections.

Nettle is beneficial for the blood. It treats urinary tract infection and cleanses the kidney.

Parsley is the best food for flushing all the toxins in the kidney. Very useful in treating kidney stones.

Turmeric is rich in antiseptic that use to treat many ailments. The anti-inflammatory feature helps treat kidney inflammation.

Prevention is always better than cure.

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1. To reduce the risk of any kidney malfunctions, we need to maintain healthy blood pressure. High blood pressure, high sugar level, and high cholesterol may lead to a risk of kidney problem

2. Maintain proper weight. Being overweight increases blood pressure, which negatively affect the kidneys

3. Too much salt can also increase blood pressure. This can, in turn, damage our kidney

4. Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine means that your kidney needs to work extra to remove the toxin from your blood.

Our kidneys are one of the vital organs in our body. We must take care of it to achieve a long and healthy life.

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