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15 Most Outrageous Celebrity Homes For Your Dream House Inspiration





Most people dream of big houses with several bedrooms, a swimming pool, a walk-in closet, a world-class kitchen, and a huge garage that could probably fit 5 to 10 cars. Some people even dream of having their own tennis court or a basketball court in their own backyard.

Entertainment is one of the biggest industries when it comes to business. Some of the wealthiest people in this world are Hollywood celebrities and sports figures who have accumulated their earnings from salaries and endorsements. One thing that’s common to most of them is that they are not shy of showing off their wealth by buying luxurious houses that cost millions of dollars.

Check out these celebrity houses for your ultimate dream house inspiration.

1. Aaron Spelling, Los Angeles, California

Aaron Spelling, Los Angeles, California

The legendary TV producer’s mansion has a swimming pool, a modern gym, bowling alley, skating rink, and a tennis court. This 56,500 square-foot house is definitely a paradise.

2. Oprah Winfrey, Montecito, California

Oprah Winfrey, Montecito, California

The “Queen of Talk” is one of the richest celebrities today and her house is proof of how wealthy she is.

Versace Mansion, Miami


Source: straticon

Once listed for $125 million, the Miami Beach mansion was once considered as one of the most expensive houses in America.

4. Tiger Woods’ house, Florida

tiger woods house

Source: Rob

The amazing house is overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and has its own golf course. Not only that, it also has 100-foot lap pool, a 60-foot diving pool, a spa and a tennis/basketball sports court. It pays to be one of the greatest golfers of all time.

5. Tom Brady and Gisele, Los Angeles


Source: priceypads

If you are one of NFL’s highest paid players and your wife is the highest paid supermodel at one time, there is no material thing that you can’t buy.

6. Greg Norman, Florida

greg norman house golf

Tiger Woods’ neighbor on Jupiter Island Florida is another golf legend, Greg Norman. He just listed his estate in the market for $65 million.

7. Hugh Hefner, Los Angeles, California

Hugh Hefner, Los Angeles, California

Source: blogs-images

The house that most men in Los Angeles want to party at is Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. Who doesn’t want to see those Playboy playmates wearing bunny hats?

8. Jon Bon Jovi, New Jersey


Source: panoramio

The rocker certainly knows how to stay in his roots by not leaving his home state of New Jersey. He likes to call his house a “humble abode.” There is nothing in that house that looks humble.

9. Jerry Seinfeld, The Hamptons, New York

Jerry Seinfeld, The Hamptons, New York

Source: therichest

He used to be TV’s highest paid actor for several years. No wonder he bought a nice property with a baseball field on it.

10. Conan O’Brien, Pacific Palisades

conan O'brien house

Source: eonline

The comedian bought this house for $20 million. He got the property from Ed Glazer, whose family owns both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United.

11. Taylor Swift’s Watch Hill mansion, Rhode Island

Taylor-Swift-House rhode island

Source: usmagazine

This beautiful New England house was purchased by the country pop singer last year for $15 million. A beautiful house in a wonderful location is perfect for this young artist.

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California

Arnold Schwarzenegger house california

Source: Laura Rhea

The actor turned politician has definitely seen the fruit of his labor as his house is being put in the market for $23.5 million.

13. Michael Jordan, Chicago

michael jordan chicago house

Source: usatftw

Who doesn’t want to have a piece of his “Airness?” The greatest basketball player of all time has since moved out from this house after putting it on sale. The house has nine bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a 15-car heated garage and an indoor basketball court.

14. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Malibu

will smith and jada's house

Source: suggest

According to reports, The Smith family’s house is so big it has its own zip code. This huge estate has basketball/tennis courts, golf course, a big swimming pool and many other luxuries.

15. Billy Joel, Miami Beach, Florida

Billy Joel, Miami Beach, Florida

The “Uptown Girl” singer’s waterfront Mediterranean-style abode has a 60-car garage, which is perfect for his car collection.

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