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Watch This Brown Bear ‘Chill’ With An Alaskan Guy





Bears, though popular as stuffed toys, are actually fierce in real life.

People cannot actually hug and cuddle with it in ways kids do with their teddies. No matter how furry and fluffy they look like, truth is, they are ferocious as lions.

However, we were totally left in awe after watching a video of a random bear that came out of nowhere and suddenly decided to hang out with an Alaskan camper.

It looks like the bear just got out of bed and decided to “chill.” You know, just marveling at the scenery and thinking about the day ahead.

Watch the video here:

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We don’t think anyone could get as close to a bear as the guy in the video. If I were in his situation, I’d totally freaked out! But then again, who would not get stunned by such cute, big bear?

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