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Man Born Without Hands Is Now The ‘Most Popular Barber’ in This Small Town





It’s always amazing when we see people rising above life’s difficulties. Case in point, 20-year-old Gabriel Heredia of Argentina is proving to be an inspiration to many after netizens everywhere learned about his story.

You see, Gabriel works as a barber in a barber shop – despite the fact that he was born without hands. What’s impressive is he gets to use all the tools and do various hair cuts with no hassle at all.

According to Gabriel, he took inspiration from his mom, who used to work as a hairdresser. “She taught me some techniques,” he said.

He later experimented with different types of hair cuts. “I looked at the musicians’ cuts and I loved them. I knew that I wanted to do that,” shared Gabriel.

Despite his physical disability, Gabriel had a happy childhood and he always did his best to be independent.

He reflected:

“I was born this way. But I did a lot of different things. I have learnt to serve a glass of water by myself, I’ve studied, I’ve learnt to ride a bike, a motorbike, and even to drive a car. But if I couldn’t do something, my mother helped me.”

On top of that, he had great friends from school.

“They always made me feel good. My friends were incredible,” told Gabriel.

His supportive family helped him open his own barbershop in San Isidro. It was a huge stepping stone in his career and eventually, he met Zlatan Gomez, president of the Argentina Corta organization and that greatly helped him expand his network in the industry.

Later on, Gabriel got into a relationship with Yanina and she offered him to move to 21-24 town when paying for the shop has become a challenge for him. This time, he didn’t have to spend on rent since the shop was owned by Yanina’s aunt.

Gabriel’s become well-known for his cool, intricate hair designs.

He said:

“The thing that I like the most of my job is that people feel comfortable and stylish with my cuts and that makes me feel happy.”

During his free time, Gabriel also provides free barber services and even lessons to teach interested learners, both young and old.

Watch this video and be inspired:

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