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Amazing Teacher Uses Balloons To Teach Young Kids How To Wipe Their Butts




  • A preschool teacher went viral on Twitter because of her unique and fun way of teaching children how to wipe their bums.
  • The lesson was captured on film and the female teacher creatively used balloons as her props.

We often refer to teachers as the ‘second parents’ of our children and clearly, there are those who definitely deserve that title. Case in point, one preschool teacher recently went viral on social media for going the extra mile and teaching kids not only to count, read, and write – but also how to wipe their butts!

The said teacher, whose identity remains unknown as of this writing, gained popularity after a post on Twitter received a lot of comments, likes, and retweets. Numerous netizens have reacted to her unusual lesson and many have also praised her creativity. As you can see below, she brilliantly used several balloons to effectively get her message across and make the activity look fun.

This is the way you wipe your butts!

In the original tweet, user @gnuman1979 captioned the short clip this way:

“We don’t teach essential skills in American schools.”

You can watch the video here:

Eventually, the post attracted thousands of reactions as netiens, some of whom were parents themselves, shared their thoughts about the bizarre yet educational short clip.

Someone wrote:

“Bless this class and this teacher, the balloon bum is cute!”

As always, it’s not a viral Twitter post if there aren’t any negative reactions…

Meanwhile, others also expressed negativity about it saying such skills should be taught at home by parents themselves. Also, some said they are disgusted that the teacher was going for a double – and even a triple – tissue fold.

“I don’t see how this is bad at all,” another user countered, “some kids do not wipe right and that’s just facts.”

A commenter likewise pointed out:

“I know some grown ups that should take this class. For real!”

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