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Six Things You Should NEVER Do When Sleeping





We all have unique evening routines we do before crashing into bed and catching some well-needed rest. Personally, I prefer getting a good shower, slipping into comfortable clothing, drinking a cup of chilled milk, and brushing. Then off I go to la-la land.

Usually, we talk about the do’s but what about the don’ts? There are certain things we should not do before and while sleeping, right? Well this post is entirely about that so give this a read for your own good.

The don’ts of sleeping are important, too!

One post about this specific subject recently made rounds on social media, after being reposted by numerous users and pages. The said post tells us about six things we should never do when dozing off, namely the following:

#1. Don’t wear your watch while sleeping.

Apparently, a watch emits “a certain level of radioactivity”. Despite its small size, wearing a watch for hours while on the bed may have “adverse effects” on a person’s health.

#2. Don’t wear bra to bed.

According to Lindsey Shaffer, writer and editor over at the DavidWolfe website, wearing one can lead to “a number of health problems” because it can impede circulation, cause restlessness, cause hyperpigmentation, result in breast fungus, trigger skin irritation, and even affect breast physiology.

Other experts have even warned that wearing bras for over 12 hours may lead to risks of having breast cancer.

#3. Don’t sleep beside your phone.

Of course, we all know that sleeping beside our electronic devices isn’t very advisable – yet many of us still do it anyway.

Well you might want to keep your mobile phones at a distance to minimize “radiation exposure and other associated health risks” that come with it, according to the California Department of Health.

If you must place your phone near you durig bedtime, make sure you turn it off at least.

#4. Don’t sleep with your make-up on.

Yes, women who sleep without washing their faces may experience skin problems. As Clear Clinic founder Dr. Eric Schweiger said:

“Sleeping in your makeup can result in unnecessary exposure to the free radicals in the environment, which the makeup holds on to. Free radicals cause the breakdown of healthy collagen, which results in fine lines on the skin. Additionally, makeup can clog the pores while you sleep, resulting in the development of acne.”

“One night of sleeping in your makeup is unlikely to cause long-lasting damage to your skin,” the doctor clarified. “However, each night you sleep in your makeup, your pores become more clogged. Eventually, this can result in the formation of a microcomedone, which attracts the acne-causing bacteria to your pores.”

#5. Don’t sleep wearing tight pants.

Loose pants or boxers are much better for sleeping, so take those jeans off when you’re going to bed. In fact, some experts claim sleeping without underwear (or even naked) is better since it helps maximize sperm production for men and helps women have fresh and odorless vagina.

#6. Don’t sleep with someone else’s wife or husband.

Last but not the least, never ever sleep with someone else’s spouse – or you just might shorten your own life!

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