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Giant Mattress Built For Families Who Want To Sleep Together (And Pets Can Join In, Too)

Wow, that’s a huge mattress!






If regular-sized mattresses just won’t cut it for you, then the “family size” version, which is twice the size of the king-size bed, might be the one that you have been looking for. The 12-foot-wide bed from Ace Collection is also perfect for parents who let their kids sleep with them but hate how cramped a regular-sized mattress can quickly get for everyone.

Measuring 144-inches wide by 80-inches long, this bed is perfect for large families. In fact, the mattress is so huge that your pets could even join in.

But before getting too attached to the idea, consider the size of your bedroom since the Ace Collection mattress requires a pretty roomy space.

Almost twice the size also means twice the amount. So if you have $2,750 to spare, then this just might be the mattress for you. However, shifting from a regular-sized bed to this massive “family size” one is not going to be easy.

Since its size is so irregular, you won’t be able to find the perfect bed sheets, flat sheets, metal frame, and box spring for it in your local store. But the good news is, these items come with the bed. The bad news? Your new total is going to be $4,054.

While more space could make it easier for the whole family to sleep comfortably, parents should always follow proper co-sleeping guidelines to ensure that everyone gets a safe night’s sleep, according to Michael H. Goodstein, MD, FAAP, a fellow of The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and a member of the AAP Task Force on SIDS.

He said:

“We recommend room sharing. Room sharing — where the baby is close to the parent, but on a separate sleep surface — has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS up to 50 percent and still allow for closeness, bonding, and successful breastfeeding.”

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12 Photos That Show How Media Can Manipulate The Truth

#3 is just ridiculous.




We all have our opinions about a certain person or event. But whatever our take is on the matter, the unfortunate truth is that our basis is mostly influenced by the media.

However, we know that there’s definitely more than one side of the story. Here are 12 photos that show how media can sometimes manipulate the truth.

1. When you’re looking at a different angle.

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14 Outrageously Strange Laws Around the World that We All Have to Live With

Strange laws can cause a lot of trouble. While some are totally bizarre, get caught off-guard and you just might end up behind bars.

Margaret Tionquiao




“There are some totally bizarre and ‘out there’ laws and customs still in place around the world," says Fabio Passalacqua, director of That being said, it's surely worth knowing some of them to avoid jail time during your vacation.

Though most tourist knows it's an absolute must to be sensitive to local customs, some laws are just too odd that even the most diligent of travelers can suffer from dire consequences. From food and flowers to colors to hairstyles, you won't believe the things governments forbid these days.

Here are some of the forbidden stuff that could get an unknowing holidaymaker behind bars:

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Remote Korowai Tribe In Papua New Guinea Revealed In Stunning Photos

Their lifestyle hasn’t changed much for hundreds of years!

Nobelle Borines



We learn something about the world every day. New photos of the remote Indonesian tribe in Papua New Guinea offers an insight into their everyday life. Interestingly, these people are slowly leaving their treehouses and settling into regular villages.

The Korowai people live in the forests of the Indonesian part of Papua New Guinea. The tribes were disconnected from the outside world until the 1970s. Today, they are beginning to be more accepting of outsiders. However, they still maintain their lifestyle as hunters and gatherers.

An elderly tribe member poses for the camera.

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