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Drooling when Asleep is Actually a Sign of Good Health

If you wake up with a pool of saliva or ugly drool stains on your night shirt, there’s really nothing to be ashamed of! If you don’t believe it yet, read on!

Margaret Tionquiao





Drooling is normal – that is, if you are a teething baby. If you are drooling when you are sleeping, you have a positive case of sialorrhea. For most adults, however, it is but a shameful secret of the night. It is also an embarrassing proof of good sleep, or as you are bound to find out if you read on, good health.

People always get reminded to get a good night’s sleep. Nobody gets reminded to find a good sleeping position or to avoid staining the sheets with ugly drool stains. Nevertheless, absolutely everyone is wary about drooling in their sleep, which makes nodding off in public extremely uncomfortable.

While drooling can be an annoying inconvenience especially when you share a bed with someone, it is indicative of many different things, a lot of which are surprisingly good.

1. It is a sign of restful sleep.

Sleeping is very important but its importance goes way beyond. Drooling in your sleep means your body is in the best relaxation process. When you are relaxed, you have uninterrupted relaxation of muscles and a restful sleep, which in turn leads to happiness, better mood, and decreased under-eye circles.

2. Drooling is beneficial to your body.

Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your heart, weight, and mind. With a restful sleep signified by a pool of saliva on your pillow or night shirt, sleep problems are not possible to happen and your body’s regeneration can occur without interruptions. Drooling in your sleep also aids digestion and disinfecting of the mouths.

3. It means you had perfect dreams.

During the REM sleep or the Rapid Eye Movement part of your sleep, your neurotransmitters are inhibited, muscle movements are curtailed, and sleep becomes more comfortable. Due to your comfortable sleep and relax mind it is possible that you can dream thoughts.

When you wake up every morning and notice a dry saliva on your skin or to your pillow, don’t be shy. Be proud because your body is showing you how healthy you are, and not many people can claim the same thing.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of – rather you’re probably happy and doing well!

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